2017 Winners

Senior Thesis Division

Senior Non-Thesis Division

Non-senior Division

Honorable Mentions

Ian Bellows
Faculty Advisor: David Citrin
Senior Thesis Project: Seeing Red: Maoist Rumors, Hidden Transcripts, and the End of the 2014 Mount Everest Climbing Season

Anna Bridston
Faculty Advisor: Halvor A. Undem
Senior Non-Thesis Project: Viability of Fulfilling the Nuclear-Nonproliferation Treaty in a Post-Cold War World

Rian Chandra
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Hossack
Senior Non-Thesis Project: Improvements to the Ion Doppler Spectrometer Diagnostic on the HIT-SI Experiments

Ruby Davis
Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Topper
Non-Senior Project: Visual Representations of Male Couples in Ancient Greek Art and Shonen’ai: A Comparative Essay

Ian Tracy Gwin
Faculty Advisor: Edith C. Aldridge
Non-Senior Project: Focus Structure in Modern Standard Estonian

Martin Horst
Faculty Advisor: Richard H. Watts
Senior Thesis Project: L’identité et la Francophonie: Examining the Interplay of Language Attitudes and Identity Construction in Moroccan Students

Katherine Jacobsen
Faculty Advisor: James Pfeiffer
Non-Senior Project: Female Genital Cutting in Sudan

Heather Lopes
Faculty Advisor: Chelsea Wood
Non-Senior Project: Battle of the Filter Feeders: Bacterial Transmission in the Presence of Ascidians

Andres Quiroga Roldan
Faculty Advisor: Christine Ingebritsen
Senior Thesis Project: The Challenges of Recent Migrations to Scandinavia

Maggie Spencer
Faculty Advisor: Frank Wendler
Senior Non-Thesis Project: What Are the Implications of Increasing Euroscepticism in Politically Confused France?