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Letter from Fred to Charles (Ted) Takahashi describing conditions at Minidoka dated August 24, 1942.

Charles Theodore Takahashi Papers. Box 5. Manuscripts and University Archives, UW Libraries. Includes floorplan.

Mon. night Aug 24

Dear Ted,

Thanks for your letter. In asmuch as this isn't such a pleasant place yet and the train ride isn't very comfortable either, I hope you'll be able to come out here anyway to look the place over once. It's really a huge project and quite interesting for a while. If you were to come later on you'd miss seeing the construction and these blinding dust clouds I've spoken of.

The mosquitoes aren't quite so thick lately, it's probably because they have more people to pick on. As far as making preparations in furnishing your future "apartments" is concerned I really think it's best you do it after you get here except that you might get some sort of a heavy drape for the closet. It's open clear to the ceiling and six feet wide. There is plenty of scrap lumber to make tables, shelves etc. and we've swiped (that's not a very good word) quite a bit of it and have started making a few pieces of ruff [sic] furniture. What do you want?

I received a big batch of letters today but none from Chris. What's the matter anyway? If I don't get one tomorrow I'm gonna put in a squawk. This mail system is funny here. When we send an air mail letter it doesn't seem to get to Puyallup any quicker yet when it's air mailed from Puyallup it gets here a day earlier than the regular mail.

Next Mon. Tues. and Wed. there will be five hundred a day coming in from the Portland Center so there will be a thousand a day pouring in here on those three days. I understand the remainder of the Portland Center will go to Wyoming. The last batch that came in from Puyallup all stayed in recreation halls and men's dormitories because enough houses were not finished but they're going at it strong now. Not much news -- No election yet and the days are still hot but a little cooler at night. If I don't see you before your trial, good luck.

With regards, Fred.

28 January 1997