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EZID Account Registration

This form is for requesting an EZID account [pdf] for research groups or departments affiliated with the University of Washington.

If you are an individual researcher who just wants to register a permanent identifier for a dataset or if you have any questions about the EZID service, please contact the ResearchWorks Data Services Team.

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Primary Contact
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Suggest an acronym that is between 3-10 characters in length. It will be used for identification purposes.

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Privacy notice: EZID complies with CDL's Privacy Policy concerning collection and retention of personally identifiable information. This means that we minimize the information that is collected about each account. Account holders need to be aware that the EZID User Interface does display identifier ownership, indicated by account name. Therefore if the account name has any personally identifiable embedded in it, that information is available to others. Account holders are responsible for considering any privacy implications of choosing a personally identifiable account name.