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"Gods in our own world" representations of troubled and troubling masculinities in some Australian films, 1991-2001 /
"There is evil there that does not sleep--" the construction of evil in American popular cinema from 1989 to 2002 /
In The lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring, Boromir refers to the lands of Mordor as the place where evil never sleeps. Cinematic evil itself never sleeps, always arising in new forms, to the extent that there exist as many types of evil as there are films. This thesis examines this constantly shifting construction of evil in American popular cinema between 1989 and 2002--roughly, the period between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the attack on the World Trade Center--and how this cinema engaged with representations of enemies and of evil per se. The thesis uses content and thematic analysis on a sample of the 201 most successful films at the U.S. box office during the period. In these films, cinematic evil is constructed according to a visual aesthetic that attempts to engage with societal values, but fails to do so due to the emphasis on its visual construction and its commodification. As Baudrillard argues, evil has become a hollow concept devoid of meaning, and this is especially so for cinematic evil. It is recognised, and is recognisable, by the visual excessiveness of its violence (or potentiality for violence), and by certain codes that are created in reference to intertextual patterns and in relationship to discourses of paranoia and malaise. But cinema in this period failed to engage with the concept of evil itself in any meaningful way. Cinematic evil mirrors the descent into the chaos and disorder of a postmodern society. All cinematic evil can do is to connect with this sense of unease in which the "reality of evil" cannot be represented. Instead, it draws on earlier icons and narratives of evil in a conflation of narrative and spectacle that produces a cinema of nostalgia. Moreover, stripped of narrative causality, these films express a belief, unproved and unprovable, that evil things and evil people may arise in any form, in any place and at any time: a cinema of paranoia. Together, these factors produce a cinema of malaise, perpetually confronting an evil it is unable to define or locate
2006 Seattle building code
Abraham Lincoln Songster - UW restricted UW restricted
Integrates digital facsimiles of Lincoln campaign song sheets together with full-text searchable lyrics of these songs and some RealAudio sound recordings. The Abraham Lincoln Songster is an experiment conducted by the University of Chicago in collaboration with Lincoln/Net and the Chicago Historical Society
American film scripts online - UW restricted UW restricted - (Public display)
Contains hundreds of American motion picture scripts and is searchable by subject/theme, title, people, characters and time period. Additional information beyond the script itself is also available
Annual report / - (Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation) 2004
Annual report / - (Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust) 2007
Architecture in Roman Britain /
archival appraisal of moving images : a RAMP study with guidelines /
Artist Trust supporting art at its source
Web site for the Artist Trust, committed to invigorating community life in Washington State by supporting and encouraging individual artists in all disciplines
Black drama 1850 to present - UW restricted UW restricted - (Public display)
Contains plays by playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries. Nearly a quarter of the collection will consist of previously unpublished plays by writers such as Langston Hughes, Ed Bullins, Willis Richardson, Femi Euba, Amiri Baraka, Randolph Edmonds, Zora Neale Hurston, and many others
The Blues: a multi-media project anchored by seven impressionistic and interpretive films that capture the essence of the blues while exploring how this art form so deeply influenced people the world over
Bodleian Library broadside ballads the allegro Catalogue of ballads
Collection of ballads from the 16th through early 20th century
Burmese Buddhist imagery of the early Bagan period (1044-1113)
Buddhist imagery of Bagan widely regarded to represent the beginnings of "pure" Theravada practice that King Anawrahta, the first Burman ruler, actively encouraged. This simplistic view has limited the potential of the imagery to provide a greater understanding of Buddhist practice at Bagan, and subsequently, the cross-cultural interactions that may have been occurring. In this light the narrative sculptural imagery of the period is interrogated against the principal Mahayana and Theravada texts relating to the life of Gotama Buddha. This review, along with the discussion regarding potential agencies for stylistic change, reveals that during the early Bagan period, Buddhism was an eclectic mix of both Theravada and Mahayana, which integrated with pre-existing spiritual traditions. Towards the end of the early Bagan period, trends were emerging which would lead to a distinctly Burmese form of Buddhist practice and visual expression
Canada's digital collections Les collections numerisees du Canada
Provides access to Web sites about Canada. One of the richest, most significant sources of Canadian content on the Internet. Includes a vast array of multimedia resources celebrating Canada's history and culture, its landscapes, technology, scientific discoveries, and Aboriginal communities
Ceske filmy : katalog - 2003 to present
cinematic flaneur manifestations of modernity in the male protagonist of 1940s film noir /
complexities of farce with a case study on Fawlty Towers /
Integral to the thesis is a study on laughter. Various laughter theories will be studied in relation to Fawlty Towers to establish that, like farce, laughter is also a complicated subject matter worthy of study. Through association, farce is shown to be even more complex. The thesis concludes with an analysis of the Fawlty Towers performance text to illustrate farce's multifaceted nature, and that it can, and should, be taken "seriously." The series' "closed world" will be examined to discover how it ideally suits the farcical paradigm. Then, using Victorian beliefs and ethics as a contextual base, I explore how farce parodies this outdated value system as it is played out anachronistically through the character of Basil Fawlty. The thesis terminates with a brief conclusion summing up what was analyzed, while affirming that the premise proposed in the introduction has been achieved
Computing in musicology - 2007 to present
Conversations with ADD the comics interviews of Alan David Doane /
Compiles almost all of the interviews Alan David Doane has conducted with comics writers, artists, editors and publishers about their careers, the industry, and the future of comics. The interviews took place between 1999-2009
correspondence of James McNeill Whistler
Based on records of over 13,000 letters, including copies, surviving in public and private collections around the world, the on-line centenary edition makes available a total of some 10,000 letters covering this period. The edition includes all the letters written by Whistler and all the letters written to him; letters mentioning Whistler are also included on a selective basis. Letters for the period 1855-1880 are available from June 2003; letters for 1881-1903 will be released during 2003 and 2004. Letters dating from before 1855, including the correspondence of Anna Whistler for 1829-1854, will also be published in due course
correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot
Comprehensive edition of the nearly 10,000 letters to and from Talbot (1800-1877), the Wiltshire polymath best known for his invention of photography
Current research in Romano-British coarse pottery papers given at a CBA conference held at New College, Oxford, March 24 to 26, 1972 /
Design in virtual environments using architectural metaphor : a HIT lab gallery /
Development of a comprehensive evaluation strategy for displays at Department of Conservation visitor centres /
Dictionnaire des theatres de Paris
Dictionnaire des theatres de Paris, contenant toutes les pieces qui ont ete representees jusqu'a present sur les differens theatres francoise, & sur celui de l'Academie royale de musique: les extraits de celles qui ont ete jouees par les comediens ital
Directory of computer assisted research in musicology - 1986 to 1987
Exploring notions of national style New Zealand orchestral music in the late twentieth century /
This is the first detailed study of New Zealand music that has investigated national style, concepts of landscape-in-music, and musical space through analytical examination. It thus contributes to the small but growing body of New Zealand musical studies, and to an overall picture of New Zealand cultural identity
Fall and redemption the essence of country music /
My initial focus as a final project in the Creative Pulse was to begin to sing again. Singing fulfilled the three requirements of choice in a project: risk, rigor, and the requirement of "having to do it." I had sung as a young man, and stopped as the result of listening to an adult tell me that I could not sing. During the following 23 years, I used percussion and became a dancer in order to express myself. The art forms of percussion and dance I was drawn to like a man is drawn to a woman that he must have. What about being drawn to an art form in order to continue existing? An artistic pursuit whose means of expression are a salvation? One can read about many artists who came into an art form out of necessity. Their life outside of expressing themselves was bleak and the art form became their cry. I by no means wish to place myself at the level of expertise of such artists that came to their art to survive, or to imply that I "paid my dues" to the extent that certain artists have (artists such as Hank Williams, or the blues artist Robert Johnson, for example). I do mean to express through this paper my experience of the catharsis in singing country music and the blues. My beginning singing came at a time when I really needed it; the music helped me through a difficult time. The title of the paper is Fall and Redemption: the Essence of Country Music for this reason. It is in narrative form, foot printing my process and discovery of the music. I attempted to combine life's experiences with the discovery of the music. The experiences were the inspiration behind playing the music. The essence of country music and the blues is its sincerity, and I hope that I have combined my life's narrative with the artistic process effectively, as the time period (December 2005 to June 2007) was a time in which art was defined by life, and life was defined by art
Filming gay representations male homosexuality in Hong Kong and Taiwanese cinema /
Going public New Zealand art museums in the 1970s /
Grants to organizations / - National Endowment for the Arts
Includes application guidelines and forms
Great conversations in music a series of films hosted by Eugene Istomin /
The programs for "Great conversations in music" were created and hosted by the late Eugene Istomin (1925-2003), one of the world's most admired classical musicians. The four-part series spotlighted distinguished pianists, string players, composers and conductors and offered engaging and informative discussions led by Istomin on the state of the art of music. In addition, visitors will find written transcripts with notes, biographies of the musicians, and recommended links
Grounds for play : the Nautanki theatre of North India /
Grove encyclopedia of decorative arts - UW restricted UW restricted
Grove encyclopedia of materials and techniques in art / - UW restricted UW restricted
Historic buildings appraisal, St Bathans, Otago : Post Office, Bank of New South Wales' Gold Office, Stone Cottage and Public Hall /
IAWA newsletter
IDEA the international dialects of English archive
"Paul Meier maintains a repository of primary source recordings for actors and other artists in the performing arts. Housed by the Department of Theatre and Film at the University Of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. All recordings are in English, of native speakers, and you will find both English language dialects and English spoken in the accents of other languages. The recordings are downloadable and playable for both PC and Macintosh computers."
ideal city? the 1912 competition to design Canberra
This website is about the competition to design Australia's capital, placing Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin's winning entry in the town planning context of the time. All 46 shortlisted designs are interpreted by Professor John Reps of Cornell University, who conducted extensive research at the National Archives of Australia, National Capital Authority, and National Library of Australia
Inside the drama-house : Rama stories and shadow puppets in South India /
Inventory of monuments at Pagan = Inventaire des monuments, Pagan / - Requires FileMaker Pro
IPA Source IPA transcriptions and literal translations of songs and arias - UW restricted UW restricted
IPA Source contains International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions and literal translations of opera arias and art song texts. The goal of IPA Source is to promote the comprehension and accurate pronunciation of foreign language texts in art song and opera in order that the singer may imbue each syllable with the appropriate emotional content. Translations into English from multiple languages
Jacob Lawrence and Gwendolyn Knight papers, 1945-1995 (bulk 1973-1994)
More than half of the collection is correspondence with friends, artists, students, school children, art schools, galleries, museums, and others. Also found are writings by Lawrence and others, newsclippings, exhibition catalogs and announcements, press releases, brochures, books, photographs of Lawrence, Knight, and Lawrence's artwork, scattered financial and business records, primarily relating to Lawrence's relationship with the Terry Dintenfass Gallery in New York, and two small lithographs by James Rosenquist
Just for laughs an analysis of 21st century African American situational comedies /
This work has discovered that because of the historical relationship between African Americans and American society, there will always be an element of prejudice in the American entertainment's representation of African Americans. The African American community has to discover and achieve a new manner in which to get their representations to the masses. This would require an acceptance of the diversity of the African American community and not feel the need to comply with an established dominant society view of what a "good" representation. There needs to be a concern for an honest representation. This may not be possible in the genre of situational comedies
Listening to drag music, performance, and the construction of oppositional culture /
During drag shows, audience members and performers alike engage in gendered and sexual behaviors that transgress binary categories of homosexual/heterosexual and feminine/masculine. Drag shows thus constitute oppositional cultures, or free spaces, where participants enact behaviors that are suppressed in the dominant culture and build politicized views of gender and sexuality. This study therefore provides an empirical example of how music is used as a cultural resource to challenge dominant institutions and construct collective action frameworks necessary to mobilize political protest
Local arts agency directory : arts councils and commissions of Washington State
Lost causes the ideology of national identity in Australian cinema /
Lucille Ball
Maintenance of buildings and structures in Macetown Reserve, Central Otago /
Mansio and other sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus the Roman pottery /
Mingei Japanese folk toys
Online exhibit of some Japanese folk toys in the collection of the Anthropology Dept., California Academy of Sciences
Mosaics of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul : the Fossati restoration and the work of the Byzantine Institute /
Multilingual glossary for art librarians : English with indexes in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish
Necrology [index]
Reports what appears in the current music media; maintained and updated by the Gaylord Music Library, Washington University
No laughing matter an exploration of the role of the protagonist in Australian feature films classified as social comedies /
Australian film has engaged social issues since its earliest days, often within the genre of comedy. Writers and filmmakers have treated a wide range of issues with varying degrees of success in engaging their audience in a level of social discourse. This success has been independent of the specific issue addressed, the government funding policy, cultural policy, the national and international political climate, and available technologies. Rather it can be attributed to the filmmaker's approach to both characterization and narrative. Of the films chosen for examination it appeared that a positively portrayed protagonist in combination with a narrative that provided a clear but balanced opinion on the issue addressed was more successful in engaging its audience in a level of social discourse. The ability of the films to engage their respective audiences was based on criteria such as box office success, critical reception, and media and public discussion of the film around the time of its release as well as more recently. The findings of this investigation arose from the production of a feature length screenplay, The Last of the Wombats, which dealt with the issue of national security. The screenplay follows the Ruddocks along on their journey from personal insecurity, through issues of perceived threat, to the initial response of increasing the physical security measures around their house. These actions produce more problems than they solve, and this state of imbalance forces the main characters (Amber, Brian and Karen) to address their own insecurities and eventually to move beyond them
On objects and affections contemporary representations of the gay man/straight woman dyad in popular film and television /
Our digital island a Tasmanian Web archive /
Provides access to Tasmanian Web sites that have been preserved for posterity by the State Library of Tasmania
Oxford art online - UW restricted UW restricted
A database of art terminology, encyclopedic entries on artists and works of art, and images
Oxford companion to architecture - UW restricted UW restricted
Oxford companion to music / - UW restricted UW restricted
Oxford encyclopedia of theatre & performance - UW restricted UW restricted
Publisher's description: The Oxford Encyclopedia of theatre and performance is an unparalleled resource, providing comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date information about theatre and performance from ancient Greek theatre to the latest developments in London, Paris, New York, and around the globe. Written in accessible language, it will appeal broadly to readers interested in theatre and performance, from occasional playgoers to newspaper critics, students, and scholars
Oxford history of western music - UW restricted UW restricted
A survey of the traditions of western music by one of the most prominent and provocative musicologists of our time, this book illuminates, through a representative sampling of masterworks, those themes, styles, and currents that give shape and direction to each musical age
PANDORA archive preserving and accessing networked documentary resources of Australia /
PANDORA archive is a digital archive dedicated to the preservation of and long term access to Australian online publications of national significance
Playing the woman gender performance on the contemporary stage /
preservation and restoration of photographic materials in archives and libraries : a RAMP study with guidelines /
Preservation of photographic material /
Queer cinema as a fifth cinema in South Africa and Australia
Australia had the world's first gay film festival at the Sydney Filmmakers Co-op in June 1976, part of a larger commemoration of the Stonewall Riots in New York City of 1969. In 1994, South Africa became the first country in the world to prohibit discrimination in its constitution on the basis of sexual orientation, whilst allowing for positive discrimination to benefit persons disadvantaged by unfair discrimination. South Africa and Australia, both ex-British colonies, are used in this analysis to explore the way local queer cinematic cultures have negotiated and continue to negotiate dominant social forces in post-colonial settings. It is rare to have analyses of queer cinematic cultures and even rarer to have texts dealing with cultures outside those of Euro-America. This study offers a unique window into the formations of queer cinematic cultures of two nations of the "South." It reveals important new information on how sexual minorities from nations outside the Euro-American sphere have dealt with and continue to deal with longstanding queer cinematic oppressions. A pro-active relationship between queer representation in film and social-political action is considered by academics such as Dennis Altman to be essential for significant social and judicial change. The existence of queer and other independent films in Sydney from the 1960s onward, impacted directly on sexuality, race, and gender activism. In South Africa, the first major queer film festival, the Out In Africa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 1994, was instrumental in developing and maintaining a post-apartheid queer public sphere which fostered further legal change. Given the significant histories of activism through queer cinematic cultures in both Australia and South Africa, I propose in this thesis the existence of a new genus of cinema, which I term Fifth Cinema. Fifth Cinema includes Feminist Cinema, Queer Cinema, and Immigrant/Multicultural Cinema and deals with the oppressions which cultures engage with within their own cultural boundaries. It can be informed by First Cinema (classical, Hollywood), Second Cinema (Art House or dual national cinemas), Third and Fourth Cinema (cinemas dealing with the decolonisation of Third World and Fourth World people), but it develops its unique characteristics by countering internal cultural colonisation. Fifth Cinema functions as a heterognosis, where multi-dimensional representations around sexuality, race, and gender are used to assist in broader cultural liberation
Queer space centres and peripheries
Web site of a conference held at the University of Technology Sydney, Feb. 20-21, 2007, convened by the Centre for Social Theory and Design in the Faculty of Design, Architecture, and Building. Drawing together scholars from a broad interdisciplinary field, the conference aimed to encourage discussion of queer space conceived in its broadest sense, by scholars working in disciplines as diverse as architecture, history, urban geography, design, visual communication, cultural studies, and the social sciences. Includes conference proceedings
Romano-British coarse pottery a student's guide /
Schubert-Autographe die grosste Sammlung im Internet
"The online database at contains digital reproductions of more than 500 score autographs, letters and life documents by Franz Schubert."
selected bibliography for aerial photograph interpretation of natural and cultural features
Silk Road Seattle
Silk Road Seattle is a collaborative public education project sponsored by the University of Washington. Using the "Silk Road" theme, it explores cultural interaction across Eurasia from the beginning of the Common Era (A.D.) to the Sixteenth Century
Sir Arnold Bax website
Web site devoted to the British composer Sir Arnold Bax (1883-1953). Includes interviews, essays, and articles on his life and music. Features reviews of the latest issues of Bax's music on compact disc or performances of it in the concert hall. Includes a photo gallery, discography, and links to other resources
Spatial perception in virtual environments : evaluating an architectural application /
Standard plans for road, bridge, and municipal construction
Student papers on the architecture of Puget Sound 1959-1970s /
Scanned images of over 100 papers written by students enrolled in the courses Architecture 360, "Introduction to Architectural Theory," and Architecture 452, "Characteristics of Puget Sound Architecture and Towns," from 1959 to the 1970s, chiefly taught by Victor Steinbrueck
Texts on music in English from the medieval and early modern eras
The database extends the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum and comprises all relevant manuscript and printed materials written in English from the Middle Ages through the seventeenth century
Theatricality, mediation, and public space : the legacy of Parsi theatre in South Asian cultural history /
Treasures in full Shakespeare in quarto
The British Library has digitized "93 copies of the 21 plays by Shakespeare printed in quarto before the theatres were closed in 1642." Also included are: background information on Shakespeare, his works, his theatre world and the printing history of his plays; references to additional information; a timeline; an "afterlife" section that shows how the plays have changed in print and in performance; a means of comparing 2 different texts of the 93 copies simultaneously
Van Gogh's letters, unabridged & annotated
Virtual books
Users can turn the pages of the virtual manuscripts, zoom in to see tiny details, play music clips and read about the music
William Steinway Diary: 1861-1896
Zora Neale Hurston plays

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