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Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Features the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS), part of Natural Resources Canada (NRC) based in Ottawa. Offers access to a staff directory and information on the CCRS' organizational structure. Describes technology, research and development, and image and data services offered. Includes the CCRS bibliographic database with citations of all of the publications written by CCRS scientists from 1971 to the present, and the CCRS remote sensing glossary. Lists 200 relevant companies under the title Canadian remote sensing companies. Includes images of Canada, a satellite list and links to other remote sensing Web sites
Earth science data interface
Web application for searching, browsing, and downloading data from GLCF's online holdings
Environmental data explorer
ETOPO1 global relief model
GeoBase building on common ground
GeoBase is a federal, provincial and territorial government initiative that is overseen by the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG). It is undertaken to ensure the provision of, and access to, a common, up-to-date and maintained base of quality geospatial data for all of Canada. Through the GeoBase portal, users with an interest in the field of geomatics have access to quality geospatial information at no cost and with unrestricted use
GeoConnections discovery portal
GeoConnections Discovery Portal is a gateway to millions of geospatial data products worldwide. Enables users to browse or search metadata records by subject, coverage or product type
GeoGratis is a web and file transfer protocol (ftp) site that distributes geospatial data of Canada. Data is available for download, without charge. Vector mapping data is available in scales ranging from 1:250 000 to 1:30 000 000 in a variety of file formats. Similarly, several types of full resolution satellite imagery are on-line. Designed, operated and maintained by the GeoAccess Division, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Natural Resources Canada
National Soil DataBase (NSDB)
NSDB is the set of computer readable files which contain soil, soil surveys, landscape, and climatic data for all of Canada. It serves as the national archive for land resources information that was collected by federal and provincial field surveys, or created by land data analysis projects
Statistics Canada
The official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products

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