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Aboriginal Mapping Network networking the aboriginal mapping community
The Aboriginal Mapping Network is a collection of resource pages for First Nation mappers who are looking for answers to common questions regarding mapping, information management and GIS
British Columbia Archives
Home page of the British Columbia Archives, located in Victoria, B.C. Includes information about using the archives and its collections. Provides access to digital archival resources, including visual images and textual, genealogical, and cartographic materials
Canadian Association of Geographers Association canadienne des geographes
The Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. CAG highlights membership details, publications of the association, and regional divisions of CAG. CAG is dedicated to the encouragement of geographical study and research, particularly related to Canada
Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS)
The CHS is responsible for charting Canada's 131,650 nautical miles of coastline (the longest of any country in the world), the 739,266 square nautical miles of continental shelf and territorial sea, plus inland lakes and waterways
Oddens' bookmarks the fascinating world of maps and mapping
Presents a collection of cartographic links to maps and atlases of regions and countries

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