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Gender and Spirituality

This webpage provides resources to help you find more information on the themes and topics of the course.

Most of the databases on this page are restricted to UW students, staff and faculty. These are marked with a lock UW Restricted. To connect to these databases from home you will need to first click on the Off-Campus Access button in the upper-right hand corner and login with your UWnetid.

Have questions or need help? Contact Linda Di Biase, the Comparative Religion Librarian or Cass Hartnett, the Women Studies Librarian. Or use the Ask Us link on any of the Libraries' pages.

Start Here to Find Books


Non-fiction books can provide both an overview and in-depth analysis of a topic, event or person. Many books will include footnotes and a bibliography that can lead you to other research/writings on the topic. Reference books are excellent starting points for orientation to a particular subject or issue.

  • UW Libraries Catalog - holdings of the UW Libraries. Best used for known-item searching especially journal titles and ebooks and when you want to find just what is available at the UW
  • UW WorldCat - simultaneously searches the UW Libraries Catalog and other libraries in the region and worldwide; also includes some citations to articles. Best for topical searches and for requesting books from other libraries.
  • Recommended subject headings to search by: Feminism--Religious Aspects, More...

Start Here to Find Academic/Scholarly Articles

Anthropology Today issue cover    

Articles in scholarly journals are the bedrock of most academic disciplines. They provide an in-depth analysis of narrow topics. Prior to publishing, articles are vetted through a process called peer review.

Most academic articles and books include footnotes or a bibliography which can lead you to other sources on a topic.

  • UW Restricted Academic Search Complete - general database to find articles on all subjects
  • UW Restricted ATLA Religion Database - links to articles on all major religions and alternative religious movements
  • UW Restricted Project Muse Articles in the humanities and social sciences, with good representation of issues discussed in this class

Start Here to Find Websites

Promise Keepers Logo    

Many religious organizations have a strong Web presence in order to communicate with adherents and to inform others. Because religion is often controversial, issues such as authority and bias are important to recognize when researching on the Web.


Start Here to Find Images


Visual images are important ways of communicating, but finding and using them for projects pose some unique challenges. The databases listed here are good starting points. See the guide Using Digital Images for tips on image selection and use.


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