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Balkans regional atlas
Includes 30 maps showing political, ethnic populations, minerals & resources, energy, economic activity, and land use for: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and F.Y.R.O.M. (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
Bolles collection on the history of London the collection of Edwin C. Bolles on the history of London from its founding to the 19th century
"Edwin C. Bolles, professor of English at Tufts College (now Tufts University) in the late 19th century, assembled a substantial focused collection of materials on Victorian London. These materials include not only conventional print sources but many pieces that are unique or quite rare: folio descriptions of the city from limited print runs, contemporary 19th century maps in various shapes and formats, illustrations and prints from the 17th through the 19th century, that capture a precious (and now largely forgotten) record of how the British represented this city. The digital archive represents a comprehensive and integrated collection of sources and resources on the history and topography of London. Texts, images, and maps in the Bolles collection are all interconnected. Together they form a body of material, heterogeneous in form, but homogeneous in theme, that transcends the limits of print publication and exploits the flexibility of the electronic medium. The digitized maps are linked to each other, to relevant source texts, and to illustrations of the locations as they appeared a the time or at present. Similarly, the texts are linked to the maps and the images, and so on"--"More about this collection" screen
Eesti atlas [Estonian atlas]
Electoral geography 2.0
Provides election results from around the world, electoral maps, and articles on electoral geography. Includes links to other resources
Europe maps
FEEFHS map library
Historic maps of Europe and Asiatic Russia
Global gazetteer
Falling Rain Genomics, Inc. presents a collection of map coordinates for cities and towns around the world. The organization includes the coordinates for cities and towns in such countries as Afghanistan, Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, China, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Mexico, Nepal, Saint Lucia, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam, among others
Historical maps of Europe
Historical maps of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
The Perry-Castaneda Library of the University of Texas at Austin presents an online collection of historical maps of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics as part of its Map Colletion Web resources. The collection includes maps of the Aral Sea, Central Asia, the north part of Russia in Europe, the Russian Empire, Stalinabad, Tashkent, and Vladivostock
Interactive map of Gibraltar
JewishGen communities database and JewishGen gazetteer
The JewishGen Gazetteer is a database containing the names of all localities in the 54 countries of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The data is based on the U.S. Board on Geographic Names databases. The JewishGen Communities Database uses a different set of data, which has been compiled by JewishGen. This database contains information on over 6,000 Jewish communities in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, together with Jewish population figures, historical town names and jurisdictions, inset maps, and links to JewishGen resources
Map collections, 1500-2003
The Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress offers access to its online map collection for the years 1500 on. The collection is organized according to seven major categories. Information about the date of publication, subject, medium, call number, and location of each map is provided
This Web site is a multimedia service across the whole of Europe that offers route planning services, publishes maps, and supplies tourists with practical information. To begin, simply enter the address of your departure and the address of where you would like to go and the site will give you a detailed list of directions that are sure to get you to your destination quickly and safely
Maps & geography
National atlas of Sweden
OS getamap
Russia and the former Soviet republics maps
United Nations Cartographic Section maps and geographic information resources
Includes country profile maps, peacekeeping maps, and various thematic maps, as well as resources and information from the UN Geographic Information Working Group, the group of experts on geographical names, and a link to the UN map collection
Watersheds of the world a special collection of river basin data /
Analysis of the state of the world's river basins providing maps, data and indicators. The maps and profiles in this collection portray issues affecting water resources, including land cover and use, population density, and freshwater biodiversity. The data is provided in full by Watersheds of the World Online, a collaborative product of four organizations: IUCN-The World Conservation Union, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), the Ramsar Convention Bureau, and the World Resources Institute (WRI)
World atlas Atlas mundial /
Worldwide Hydrogeological Mapping and Assessment Programme (WHYMAP)
Presents information about the Worldwide Hydrogeological Mapping and Assessment Programme (WHYMAP). The Programme's objectives are "assessing and mapping the groundwater resources on all continents (except Antarctica), their hydrogeological structure, groundwater potential, water quality, groundwater recharge and vulnerability. WHYMAP is a modern geo-information system containing a multitude of groundwater related data and information. The data are chiefly derived from hydrogeological maps prepared by many groundwater specialists in various areas of the world, and is continuously improved and updated in a network of experts and focal points of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO and the regional bodies of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World." Includes links to additional information (in German) about the activities of the Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe

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