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Baltic Sea Region GIS, maps, and statistical database
Highlights a database on the Baltic sea region, including geographical information systems (GIS), maps, and statistics, provided by Sindre Langaas. Offers information on administrative units, arable lands, land and ocean, land cover, pasture lands, population density, and wetlands
Earth science data interface
Web application for searching, browsing, and downloading data from GLCF's online holdings
Environmental data explorer
ETOPO1 global relief model
Russian Federation digital data
Welcome to the United Kingdom standard geographic base
The United Kingdom Standard Geographic Base (UKSGB) aims to provide users and suppliers of geographic information with a standard and consistent approach to commonly used geographical units in the UK. The UKSGB also provides information about a range of datasets containing information such as up to date names, codes, boundaries, and grid co-ordinates for each of the core units. A contact is given for each supplier of these datasets

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