Engaging Students in the Game of Research

History 221 Syllabus

The course syllabus includes the schedule of classes, list of readings, links to online assignments, links to class slides and the description of the scrapbook/portfolio project.

Class Materials

Student Work

  • Ernest Hitchens
    Ernest Hitchens becomes a pilot stationed in England. Later he is shot down and is imprisoned by the Germans
  • Henry Lewis
    Henry Lewis, a member of the 8th Illinois National Guard is sent down to Houston following the 1917 riot. He later is sent to France and is wounded during the Meuse-Argonne campaign in the fall of 1918.
  • Viola Williams
    Viola Williams leaves Baltimore seeking a better job in Chicago. She later becomes involved in the National Association of Colored Women.
  • Letter to her mother plus bibliography
  • Research essay
  • Obituary

Student Evaluations

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