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Electronic Texts & Documents
African elephant database, 1995
Reports on elephant surveys, populations, and distribution maps
American Museum of Natural History Congo Expedition, May 1909-November 1915
Includes a multimedia introduction to the expedition, readings about the expedition and the Congo, and digitized sound recordings, artwork, photographs, video clips, field notes, maps, GIS data, and scientific publications related to the Congo. Users can search for field notebook entries, photographs (including anthropological objects collected by the expedition), and bibliographic citations, and can search by keyword in the full text of digitized scientific publications
Arctic circle
Offers detailed information about the Arctic and subarctic regions. Themes covered include natural resources, history and culture, social equity and environment justice. Includes a broad range of textual materials, art, photographic exhibits, and occasional sound and short video recordings. All demonstrate the interconnectedness of these three themes, including how they have been shaped by diverse histories, political economies, and cultural perspectives
Arctic research at the University of Washington
Atlas of cancer mortality in the United States, 1950-94 /
Atlas of international freshwater agreements
Atlas of Russia's intact forest landscapes
Australian land use
Bolles collection on the history of London the collection of Edwin C. Bolles on the history of London from its founding to the 19th century
"Edwin C. Bolles, professor of English at Tufts College (now Tufts University) in the late 19th century, assembled a substantial focused collection of materials on Victorian London. These materials include not only conventional print sources but many pieces that are unique or quite rare: folio descriptions of the city from limited print runs, contemporary 19th century maps in various shapes and formats, illustrations and prints from the 17th through the 19th century, that capture a precious (and now largely forgotten) record of how the British represented this city. The digital archive represents a comprehensive and integrated collection of sources and resources on the history and topography of London. Texts, images, and maps in the Bolles collection are all interconnected. Together they form a body of material, heterogeneous in form, but homogeneous in theme, that transcends the limits of print publication and exploits the flexibility of the electronic medium. The digitized maps are linked to each other, to relevant source texts, and to illustrations of the locations as they appeared a the time or at present. Similarly, the texts are linked to the maps and the images, and so on"--"More about this collection" screen
Calving glaciers : report of a workshop, February 28-March 2, 1997 /
Canada's digital collections Les collections numerisees du Canada
Provides access to Web sites about Canada. One of the richest, most significant sources of Canadian content on the Internet. Includes a vast array of multimedia resources celebrating Canada's history and culture, its landscapes, technology, scientific discoveries, and Aboriginal communities
Classifying Australian land cover
Controls on calving rate and basal sliding : observations from Columbia Glacier, Alaska, prior to and during its rapid retreat, 1976-1993 /
Cook reconsidered : discovering the man and his explorations : proceedings of the Frederick A. Cook Symposium, October 22-23, 1993 /
E-Flora BC electronic atlas of the plants of British Columbia
Using a comprehensive GIS-based format, E-Flora BC provides detailed biogeographical, ecological, and taxonomic information on both vascular and non-vascular plants of British Columbia. For each species, E-Flora BC presents additional key information through deep links to other existing databases that provide critical botanical information, such as the International plant names index, the Fire ecology database and Flora North America. For both vascular and non-vascular plants, the atlas includes an image bank for BC species. Photographs provided on the atlas pages act as portals to an image collection for each species, and to the overall image bank
ecological atlas of forest insect defoliation in Canada, 1980-1996 /
Florida Geological Survey publications
Publications from the Florida Geological Survey. This is the index page to several online publications from the Florida Geological Survey
France en Amerique France in America
Presents digitized collections of books, maps, manuscripts, and other documents from the collections of the Library of Congress and the Bibliotheque nationale de France. Focus of the collections is the role played by France in America's formative years and the continuing links between France and the United States in the nineteenth century through trade, immigration, scientific exchange, literature, and the arts
Global atlas of paleovegetation since the last glacial maximum
The website of the 'Atlas of Paleovegetation' contains a set of preliminary, broad-scale ecosystem map reconstructions for the Last Glacial Maximum (18,000 years ago), the early Holocene (8,000 years ago) and the mid Holocene (5,000 years ago). The maps were produced through an network of experts and a range of literature and map sources, with the final decision in each case made by the editor. Accompanying each regional map is a general background text detailing the principal sources of evidence
Glossary of terms for the standardization of geographical names = Glossaire de termes pour la normalisation des noms geographiques = Glosario de terminos para la normalizacion de los nombres geograficos
Great Lakes : an environmental atlas and resource book / - 3rd ed
Guidelines on biodiversity and tourism development : international guidelines for activities related to sustainable tourism development in vulnerable terrestrial, marine, and coastal ecosystems and habitats of major importance for biological diversity an
Hydraulics [home page]
The Hydraulics Branch is part of the WSDOT Project Development Division, providing technical support, training and policy manuals in the disciplines of hydrology and hydraulics to WSDOT headquarters, regional PE offices and consultants; it also provides varying degrees of technical support to other state agencies and local agencies. Access to the Highway runoff manual, Precipitation maps, Hydraulics manual, Hydraulics report and checklist, and Fish passage information are available from this website
Indochina ethnolinguistic groups
Irish grid a description of the co-ordinate reference system used in Ireland
Latin place names found in the imprints of books printed before 1801 and their vernacular equivalents in AACR2 (Anglo-American cataloguing rules) form
Making maps compatible with GPS transformations between the Irish grid and the GPS co-ordinate reference frame WGS84/ETRF89 /
Managing tourism & biodiversity : user's manual on the CBD guidelines on biodiversity and tourism development
Marine tourism best management practices a practical guide for Puget Sound /
Our digital island a Tasmanian Web archive /
Provides access to Tasmanian Web sites that have been preserved for posterity by the State Library of Tasmania
PANDORA archive preserving and accessing networked documentary resources of Australia /
PANDORA archive is a digital archive dedicated to the preservation of and long term access to Australian online publications of national significance
place in history a guide to using GIS in historical research /
Plants of Hawaii
A collection of images, maps, and reports on plants of Hawaii. Includes over 8,000 high resolution, copyright-free images for more than 1,000 species of native and non-native plants from Hawaii; Maui distribution maps for over 100 non-native plants; and reports for about 100 non-native plants on Maui
Principles and procedures for geographical naming, 2001 - English
Principles and procedures for geographical naming, 2001 - French
Promoting forest conservation through ecotourism income? : a case study from the Ecuadorian Amazon region /
Pu{u031B}m phnthi kieokap sangkhom-setthakit khong So Po Po Lao kanvikhro phunthan dan phon khong kansamluat phonlamu{u031B}ang l thiyu{u031B} asai nai pi 2005 /
RADARSAT Antarctic Mapping Project : proceedings of the Post Antarctic Imaging Campaign-1 Working Group Meeting /
RADARSAT-1 Antarctic Mapping Project /
RAMP project goals and objectives are reviewed here along with several science highlights. These highlights include observations of ice sheet margin change using both RAMP and historical data sets, the discovery of large ice streams in Coates Land, observations of the ice sheet surface-velocity field and changes in the velocity field, and observations of surface change using radar coherence. RAMP data products are summarized and a tabulated list of data products is appended to this report. The appendix also lists all of the partner organizations, including the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) DAAC, who have received a copy of the complete data set"--Executive summary
Report / - (Ohio State Knowledge Bank) no.4, 1992 ; no.7, 1993; no.11, 1995; no.15, 1997; no.17, 1998; no.18, 1998; no.21, 2006 ; no.22, 2008
Report on the Place Names Workshop February 14-15, 2002
Steps to sustainable tourism : planning a sustainable future for tourism, heritage, and the environment : a tool to use when managing and developing regions, places, and tourism products
Successful tourism at heritage places : a guide for tourism operators, heritage managers and communities
Summary of State of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area 2004
Tasmanian advantage natural and cultural features of Tasmania : a resource manual aimed at developing knowledge and interpretive skills specific to Tasmania
Tide prints : surface tidal currents in Puget Sound /
Tourism for nature & development /
Turism och besoksnaring i Osthammars kommun : slutforvaret i ett besoksperspektiv /
Turism och image : slutforvar for anvant karnbransle i Oskarshamn ur ett turist- och besoksnaringsperspektiv /
Two way track biodiversity conservation and ecotourism : an investigation of linkages, mutual benefits, and future opportunities /
U.S. FROST : data and science plan : report from the U.S. FROST Workshop, August 2-3, 1993, Byrd Polar Research Center, the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. /
UNISPAL UN information system on the question of Palestine
Provides users with full-text documents of the United Nations system relevant to the question of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East since 1946. Contains over 3000 documents issued by a variety of UN bodies and agencies
United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names : [report] / - 1998 to present
USGS geography fact sheets
Information from the U.S. National Mapping Program on mapping and all the sciences involved in creating map products
vision for the International Polar Year 2007-2008 /
Visitors to Cape Reinga : site use and management implications /
Cape Reinga is an important cultural and spiritual site in New Zealand, especially for Maori. It is administered by the Department of Conservation, in partnership with Ngati Kuri. International visitors comprise c. 59% of the peak summer visitors. The majority of visitors are either less than 39 years or more than 50 years old, and approximately half visit on a tour. Domestic visitors are mainly under 49 years old and are more likely to visit by car. Site usage differs little between New Zealanders and international visitors; and the majority visit Cape Reinga for sightseeing. At the site, approximately 81% of visitors stay near the car park and lighthouse. When the number of visitors at the Cape Reinga site exceeds 150, up to 20% feel that parts of the site are crowded. Future development and management must enable Cape Reinga to absorb the projected growth in visitor numbers and reduce perceived crowding while retaining the cultural and landscape values of the site
voyage round the world with a history of the Oregon mission : and notes of several years residence on the plains, bordering the Pacific Ocean : comprising an account of interesting adventures among the Indians west of the Rocky Mountains : to which is ap
War of the Rebellion a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies /
This site offers an online version of the 70 volume print edition of primary source material from the U.S. Civil War. The print edition was originally published in 1880-1901. It contains reports and correspondence produced by the Union and Confederate armies and various governmental bodies of the period. Prepared under the direction of the Secretary of War by Robert N. Scott
Wilderness in the circumpolar north : searching for compatibility in ecological, traditional, and ecotourism values /
world factbook - (Latest issue)
world factbook - (Archived issues)

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