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ECAI Iraq is a temporal-spatial portal into existing digital resources about history, cultural sites, archaeological excavations, and heritage preservation initiatives. Users can access these information sources using interactive, time-enabled thematic maps. The data, that can be displayed for the Iraqi and Mesopotamian material culture, is found on hundreds of web sites around the world. ECAI Iraq catalogs this material in a dynamic database and provides retrieval of information from these distant servers. Owners of these resources retain control of their content and the ability to update it at any time
Electoral geography 2.0
Provides election results from around the world, electoral maps, and articles on electoral geography. Includes links to other resources
Global gazetteer
Falling Rain Genomics, Inc. presents a collection of map coordinates for cities and towns around the world. The organization includes the coordinates for cities and towns in such countries as Afghanistan, Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, China, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Mexico, Nepal, Saint Lucia, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam, among others
United Nations Cartographic Section maps and geographic information resources
Includes country profile maps, peacekeeping maps, and various thematic maps, as well as resources and information from the UN Geographic Information Working Group, the group of experts on geographical names, and a link to the UN map collection
World atlas Atlas mundial /

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