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Abraham Lincoln Songster - UW restricted UW restricted
Integrates digital facsimiles of Lincoln campaign song sheets together with full-text searchable lyrics of these songs and some RealAudio sound recordings. The Abraham Lincoln Songster is an experiment conducted by the University of Chicago in collaboration with Lincoln/Net and the Chicago Historical Society
The Blues: a multi-media project anchored by seven impressionistic and interpretive films that capture the essence of the blues while exploring how this art form so deeply influenced people the world over
Bodleian Library broadside ballads the allegro Catalogue of ballads
Collection of ballads from the 16th through early 20th century
Computing in musicology - 2007 to present
Dictionnaire des theatres de Paris, contenant toutes les pieces qui ont ete representees jusqu'a present sur les differens theatres francoise, & sur celui de l'Academie royale de musique: les extraits de celles qui ont ete jouees par les comediens ital
Directory of computer assisted research in musicology - 1986 to 1987
Exploring notions of national style New Zealand orchestral music in the late twentieth century /
This is the first detailed study of New Zealand music that has investigated national style, concepts of landscape-in-music, and musical space through analytical examination. It thus contributes to the small but growing body of New Zealand musical studies, and to an overall picture of New Zealand cultural identity
Fall and redemption the essence of country music /
My initial focus as a final project in the Creative Pulse was to begin to sing again. Singing fulfilled the three requirements of choice in a project: risk, rigor, and the requirement of "having to do it." I had sung as a young man, and stopped as the result of listening to an adult tell me that I could not sing. During the following 23 years, I used percussion and became a dancer in order to express myself. The art forms of percussion and dance I was drawn to like a man is drawn to a woman that he must have. What about being drawn to an art form in order to continue existing? An artistic pursuit whose means of expression are a salvation? One can read about many artists who came into an art form out of necessity. Their life outside of expressing themselves was bleak and the art form became their cry. I by no means wish to place myself at the level of expertise of such artists that came to their art to survive, or to imply that I "paid my dues" to the extent that certain artists have (artists such as Hank Williams, or the blues artist Robert Johnson, for example). I do mean to express through this paper my experience of the catharsis in singing country music and the blues. My beginning singing came at a time when I really needed it; the music helped me through a difficult time. The title of the paper is Fall and Redemption: the Essence of Country Music for this reason. It is in narrative form, foot printing my process and discovery of the music. I attempted to combine life's experiences with the discovery of the music. The experiences were the inspiration behind playing the music. The essence of country music and the blues is its sincerity, and I hope that I have combined my life's narrative with the artistic process effectively, as the time period (December 2005 to June 2007) was a time in which art was defined by life, and life was defined by art
Great conversations in music a series of films hosted by Eugene Istomin /
The programs for "Great conversations in music" were created and hosted by the late Eugene Istomin (1925-2003), one of the world's most admired classical musicians. The four-part series spotlighted distinguished pianists, string players, composers and conductors and offered engaging and informative discussions led by Istomin on the state of the art of music. In addition, visitors will find written transcripts with notes, biographies of the musicians, and recommended links
IPA Source IPA transcriptions and literal translations of songs and arias - UW restricted UW restricted
IPA Source contains International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions and literal translations of opera arias and art song texts. The goal of IPA Source is to promote the comprehension and accurate pronunciation of foreign language texts in art song and opera in order that the singer may imbue each syllable with the appropriate emotional content. Translations into English from multiple languages
Necrology [index]
Reports what appears in the current music media; maintained and updated by the Gaylord Music Library, Washington University
Oxford companion to music / - UW restricted UW restricted
Oxford history of western music - UW restricted UW restricted
A survey of the traditions of western music by one of the most prominent and provocative musicologists of our time, this book illuminates, through a representative sampling of masterworks, those themes, styles, and currents that give shape and direction to each musical age
Schubert-Autographe die grosste Sammlung im Internet
"The online database at contains digital reproductions of more than 500 score autographs, letters and life documents by Franz Schubert."
Sir Arnold Bax website
Web site devoted to the British composer Sir Arnold Bax (1883-1953). Includes interviews, essays, and articles on his life and music. Features reviews of the latest issues of Bax's music on compact disc or performances of it in the concert hall. Includes a photo gallery, discography, and links to other resources
Texts on music in English from the medieval and early modern eras
The database extends the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum and comprises all relevant manuscript and printed materials written in English from the Middle Ages through the seventeenth century
Virtual books
Users can turn the pages of the virtual manuscripts, zoom in to see tiny details, play music clips and read about the music
William Steinway Diary: 1861-1896

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