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1895 U.S. atlas
Contains digitized map data from "New 11 x 14 atlas of the world" published in 1895 by Rand McNally. Maps can be viewed by state or county, and statistical data for some cities and towns is also available for each state
Aerial photography--Florida
Aerial photography Florida is a collection of aerial photographs taken between 1930 and 2000. Literally, a portrait of the state, the collection will be comprised of hundreds of thousands of aerial photographs documenting the land use of Florida over time. Zoomable high resolution images represent every inch of Florida. Searchable databases and a map interface offer users easy access to the collections. The collection will continue to grow as multiple agencies make their images available
American shores maps of the Middle Atlantic Region to 1850
"The digitized maps and atlases included in American Shores are drawn from the extensive holdings of the Map Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of the New York Public Library."
Area code maps
Provides access to area code maps for the United States and Canada
Atlas of current and potential future distributions of common trees of the eastern United States /
Atlas of fishes of the upper Red River system in Texas and Oklahoma
atlas of the Kansas High Plains Aquifer
Atlas of the vascular plants of Utah
Atlas of the vascular plants of Wyoming
Bedrock geologic map of the Green Knob quadrangle, Latah and Nez Perce Counties, Idaho
Bedrock geologic map of the Moscow east quadrangle, Latah County, Idaho
Bedrock geologic map of the Moscow West quadrangle, Latah County, Idaho, and Whitman County, Washington /
Bedrock geologic map of the Robinson Lake quadrangle, Latah County, Idaho /
Bedrock geologic map of the Viola quadrangle, Latah County, Idaho, and Whitman County, Washington /
Boston streets mapping directory data
Live in or visiting the Boston area and interested in its history and evolutionary growth? This Web site contains mapping directory data that contextualizes the people, places and events that have shaped the city from the years before the American Civil War through 20th century urban renewal. Browse historical atlases documenting property ownership and illustrating physical growth and changes over time. In addition, the site contains images of some of the earliest urban photography in America
California digital atlas
California digital conservation atlas
Users can access statewide resource-based data sets to create customized maps containing layers of different information, using elements such as: public ownership, roads, wetlands, floodplains, impaired water sources, farmlands, zip code boundaries, census data, etc
Census atlas of the United States : Census 2000 special reports /
City of Medford, Oregon city maps
Coastal-change and glaciological map of the northern Ross Ice Shelf area, Antarctica, 1962-2004 /
Color landform atlas of the United States
Atlas organized by state, with shaded relief maps, jurisdictional maps, satellite images, and links to external sites providing geographic information
Description of the ecoregions of the United States /
Digital atlas of California
Digital atlas of Idaho
Digital atlas of Idaho is a growing project, and has been developed through a number of phases. The primary goal of the project is the integration of data on geology, biology, hydrology, historical geography, and climatology onto a common digital map base. It provides a teaching and learning tool comprised of multiple data sets, maps, and digital textbooks
Digital maps of low- to moderate-temperature geothermal springs and wells in the Pacific Northwest : a contribution to the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project /
Distribution maps of fishes in California
"The following list of fish species and their reported distributional ranges in California were compiled by Dr. Peter Moyle and his graduate student Paul Randall of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Biology at UC Davis for the Nature Conservancy as part of their Hexagon Project. Fish were mapped at the species level; subspecies were grouped into their respective species level. Present rather than historical distributions were mapped. ... The fish distribution data were graphically displayed on paper maps which were then used to create larger polygons showing species distributions at either the "probable" or "possible" levels of confidence. These polygons were initially drawn on paper maps (roughly 11 in. x 17 in.) which included locations of fish occurrences from all digital databases possessed, and GIS layers for hydrology (1:500,000 scale) and the state boundary (1:100,000 scale). The boundaries of the fish range polygons were drawn on paper by Professor Peter Moyle and then digitized on the computer screen by Paul Randall using ARC/INFO GIS software. The resultant polygons are estimated to be accurate at a scale of roughly 1:1,000,000."
Electoral geography 2.0
Provides election results from around the world, electoral maps, and articles on electoral geography. Includes links to other resources
EnviroMapper mapping environmental information is just a click away
Site offers dynamic method of searching and viewing environmental information. Topics include drinking water, toxic and air releases, hazardous wastes, water discharge permits and Superfund sites. Site can be searched by clicking on expandable map images or selecting particular criteria such as state, city, EPA region, or watershed. Includes links to full reports as well as environmental statistics, profiles and trends. Also offers OpenLink which provides the capability of setting up a hyperlink from an EnviroMapper image to any website
Federal township plats of Illinois (1804-1891)
A grant from the Federal government through its Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) has enabled the Illinois State Archives to digitize its 3,457 federal township plats of Illinois and present the images on this Web site. These hand drawn plats show Illinois' landscape as it was before American settlement as well as legal surveying measurements. Occasionally the plats indicate man-made features, both Indian and European. The U.S. Survey General and his deputy surveyors drew these maps of "six miles square" townships or fractional townships ..
forester's atlas of the Northeast / U.S. maps & data
Provides access to federal, state, and local data and geospatial services and allows users to view and interact with geographic data using the map viewer. Users also may publish geographic data to this site
Geographic coordinate database (GCDB) [Nevada] /
Geographic information system analysis of topographic change in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the last century
Geographic information systems, Washington County, Oregon
Geologic map of the Pocatello South quadrangle, Bannock and Power Counties, Idaho /
Geologic map of the Scout Mountain quadrangle, Bannock County, Idaho /
Geologic map of the Walters Butte quadrangle, Ada, Canyon, and Owyhee counties, Idaho /
Global gazetteer
Falling Rain Genomics, Inc. presents a collection of map coordinates for cities and towns around the world. The organization includes the coordinates for cities and towns in such countries as Afghanistan, Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, China, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Mexico, Nepal, Saint Lucia, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam, among others
Great Lakes : an environmental atlas and resource book / - 3rd ed
Ground water atlas of the United States /
Gypsy moth in the United States, an atlas /
H+T affordability index
A dataset developed by the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago for the Brookings Institution's Urban Markets Initiative. Its aim is to measure the real affordability and cost of housing in the USA, taking into account both housing prices, location and the cost of transport
Historical maps of the United States
Provides access to historical maps of the United States from the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
Huffpost fundrace follow the money /
This Web site is designed to help visitors keep up with the current Presidential election funding sources of the United States of America. Follow the money and view candidate rankings to see which Americans are supporting each candidate (by state, country, and zip code). In addition, visitors can see who leads in grass roots support, who inspires the most devotion, and who's backed by the wealthiest Americans
Illinois Department of Transportation maps
Interactive mapping
Kentucky atlas & gazetteer
Land status & cadastral records viewer
location guide to the General Land Office (GLO) survey plats
Lists the organizations that own plats (originals and copies), plus contact information
Map collections, 1500-2003
The Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress offers access to its online map collection for the years 1500 on. The collection is organized according to seven major categories. Information about the date of publication, subject, medium, call number, and location of each map is provided
Mapping the National Parks
Currently includes exhibits on Acadia, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, and Yellowstone National Parks
Mapping the Pacific Coast Coronado to Lewis and Clark : the Quivira Collection : [an online tour of the traveling exhibition]
Site includes an interactive atlas and driving directions for the United States
Allows user to create customized maps based on DNR data that is selected as well as access to printable maps in PDF format
Maps & geography
Maps of distribution and abundance of selected species of birds on uncultivated native upland grasslands and shrubsteppe in the northern Great Plains /
Metromap [Metropolitan Service District, Oregon]
This website integrates various government records into a region-wide mapping system of Portland, Oregon and vicinity; property assessment records are a multi-county integration of Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington County records
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Maps
Montana maps
National amphibian atlas
National atlas of the United States
"The National Atlas of the United States of America will include four distinct products. In addition to having high-quality, small-scale maps, the atlas will include authoritative digital national geospatial and geostatistical data sets. Examples of geospatial data include soils, boundaries, volcanoes, and principal aquifers. Crime patterns, population distribution, and incidence of disease are examples of geostatistical data. This information is tied to specific geographic areas and is categorized and indexed using different methods, such as county, State, and zip code boundaries or geographic coordinates like latitude and longitude. These data will be collected and integrated to a consistent set of standards to support analysis. The atlas will also include easy-to use software for data display, query, and custom information and map making. The product will include hot links to atlas sites on the WWW. More up-to-date, real-time, and regional data will be served by means of the WWW. Descriptive information, marketing products and software programs will also be delivered via the WWW"--About the Atlas screen
National geologic map database
Searchable catalog providing access to maps and other spatially referenced data for geology, geophysics, marine geology, earth resources, hazards, geochemistry, geochronology, and paleontology. Includes links to other sources of topographic and related maps, other earth science databases, and additional Web resources related to geology
National Park Service maps
The maps on this site are digital versions of those maps found in the official brochures provided to National Park visitors. They are a product of National Park Service cartographers at Harpers Ferry Center
Northern Everglades : Northern Everglades FL., satellite image map /
Office of Coast Survey, Historical map and chart collection overview
"The Coast Survey's Historical Collection contains a wide variety of documents including nautical charts from the mid-1800's through the early 1900's, sketches of coastlines including James A. Whistler's sketch of Anacapa Island of 1854; a Civil War collection; a Washington, DC topographic series; and early exploration maps of the Pacific Northwest."
Oregon coastal atlas
Provides enlargeable Oregon map with choice of information layers, overlays, and backgrounds, emphasizing coastal geographical features. Also offers searches by public land survey system (PLSS), and searches of GIS data by setting and site name, or by keyword, originator and scale. Allows for customized mapping with title, legend, and source, and links to geospatial analysis tools for the public, planners and researchers. Also features a learning section with information on coastal settings, topics and technical subjects
Panoramic maps, 1847-1921
This page contains about 1700 idealized schematic views of towns and cities which show a wealth of detail in setting, streets, and buildings. The user is able to search by keyword or browse by geographic location or subject
Plants of Hawaii
A collection of images, maps, and reports on plants of Hawaii. Includes over 8,000 high resolution, copyright-free images for more than 1,000 species of native and non-native plants from Hawaii; Maui distribution maps for over 100 non-native plants; and reports for about 100 non-native plants on Maui
Ranges of North American breeding birds visualizing long-term population changes in North American breeding birds /
These maps show changes in the distribution and abundance patterns of some North American birds for the last 20 years. For each species there are four maps, each representing the average distribution and abundance pattern over the five-year periods 1970-1974, 1975-1979, 1980-1984, and 1985-1989
Sanborn Fire Insurance Company maps of Florida
This digital map collection is scanned by the Digital Library Center from more than 300 city sets with more than 3,000 printed colored map sheets held in the Map and Imagery Library, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida. These sets of maps were published by Sanborn between 1860 and 1923 to support insurance assessments for almost every Florida city and town and show many details such as size, shape and construction of buildings and other structures. They have now become an invaluable guide to inner-city history, land use and historic preservation
South Carolina plant atlas
The purpose of this atlas is to show, on a county by county basis, the distribution of all native and naturalized ferns, fern allies, gymnosperms, and angiosperms of South Carolina. Approximately 3,000 vascular plant species are listed in the atlas, with a county dot map for each. Species are listed alphabetically, by scientific name
South Dakota breeding bird atlas
Documents the 1988-1993 status and distribution of all species of birds breeding within South Dakota
Surficial geologic map of the Coeur d'Alene quadrangle, Kootenai County, Idaho /
Surficial geologic map of the Hayden quadrangle, Kootenai County, Idaho /
Surficial geologic map of the Post Falls quadrangle and part of the Liberty Lake quadrangle, Kootenai County, Idaho /
Surficial geologic map of the Rathdrum quadrangle and part of the Newman Lake quadrangle, Kootenai County, Idaho /
The TerraServer-USA Web site is one of the world's largest online databases, providing free public access to a vast data store of maps and aerial photographs of the United States
U.S. state images from 30 second topographic data
United Nations Cartographic Section maps and geographic information resources
Includes country profile maps, peacekeeping maps, and various thematic maps, as well as resources and information from the UN Geographic Information Working Group, the group of experts on geographical names, and a link to the UN map collection
United States digital map library US GenWeb project
Includes historic state and county maps and Indian land cessions
United States maps
Virtual atlas of the Pacific Northwest
A collection of maps on the geography of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, with links to related web sites
Voting America United States politics, 1840-2008
Examines the evolution of presidential politics in the United States across the span of American history. Offers a wide spectrum of cinematic and interactive visualizations of how Americans voted in presidential elections at the country level over the past 164 years. Includes analysis and commentary videos that discuss some of the significant trends in American political history
Watersheds of the world a special collection of river basin data /
Analysis of the state of the world's river basins providing maps, data and indicators. The maps and profiles in this collection portray issues affecting water resources, including land cover and use, population density, and freshwater biodiversity. The data is provided in full by Watersheds of the World Online, a collaborative product of four organizations: IUCN-The World Conservation Union, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), the Ramsar Convention Bureau, and the World Resources Institute (WRI)
Windows on urban poverty
This website documents the geographic dimension of poverty in the United States. It has two objectives: to make available the Policy Brief by Paul A. Jargowsky "Stunning Progress, Hidden Problems: the Dramatic Decline of Concentrated Poverty in the 1990s" and to allow users to create, print and copy neighborhood level maps of any neighborhood in the United States on several demographic and economic variables
World atlas Atlas mundial /
Worldwide Hydrogeological Mapping and Assessment Programme (WHYMAP)
Presents information about the Worldwide Hydrogeological Mapping and Assessment Programme (WHYMAP). The Programme's objectives are "assessing and mapping the groundwater resources on all continents (except Antarctica), their hydrogeological structure, groundwater potential, water quality, groundwater recharge and vulnerability. WHYMAP is a modern geo-information system containing a multitude of groundwater related data and information. The data are chiefly derived from hydrogeological maps prepared by many groundwater specialists in various areas of the world, and is continuously improved and updated in a network of experts and focal points of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO and the regional bodies of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World." Includes links to additional information (in German) about the activities of the Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe

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