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[Seattle GIS data] - UW restricted UW restricted
1990 census data on housing and population
Aborginal Mapping Network
A collection of resource pages to help share information throughout the aboriginal mapping community. It has a British Columbia focus, but is not limited to this geographic region
ARC/Info point coverage of mineral resource data system (MRDS) locations in eleven Western states
Bull trout
Cartographic boundary files
Selected generalized extracts from the Census Bureau's TIGER geographic database and designed for use in a GIS, or similar mapping system
Census watch
Provides access to information about Census-related data resources, redistricting, GIS online mapping, training opportunities, and news reports
City of Seattle data - UW restricted UW restricted
Current distribution of sagebrush and associated vegetation in the Columbia Basin and southwest regions
Digital aerial photography
Provides access and links to GIS data for the State of Washington and other selected areas
Digital geologic data for Washington - UW restricted UW restricted
Digital representation of the Washington state geologic map a contribution to the Interior Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Project /
Digital representation of the Washington state geologic map a contribution to the Interior Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Project /
Earth resource permit locations
Provides access to mapping of oil and gas exploration drillhole locations and surface mine reclamation permit sites. This application allows the user to create, save, and print custom maps, find out more information about map features, and download data for use in a geographic information system (GIS)
EIM Environmental information management
Search over 1.7 million environmental records on Washington's air, water, soil, aquatic animals, and plants from over 10,000 monitoring locations throughout and adjoining Washington State. Access data from over 400 studies including information about where samples were collected, study details, and data quality
Environmental data explorer
ETOPO1 global relief model
Fish Passage Center
The Fish Passage Center provides technical assistance and information to fish and wildlife agencies and tribes, in particular, and the public in general, on matters related to juvenile and adult salmon and steelhead passage through the mainstem hydrosystem in the Columbia River Basin. The Fish Passage Center (FPC) coordinates the Smolt Monitoring Program (SMP), and data from this program is intended to provide the information basis for federal, state and tribal recommendations for anadromous fish passage in the Federal Columbia River Hydro-electric System (FCRPS). The FPC web site provides data on salmon, steelhead, bull trout, and lamprey throughout the FCRPS. In addition to SMP data, the FPC web site provides data and analysis for the Gas Bubble Trauma (GBT) program, the Comparative Survival Study (CSS), adult migration, environmental conditions, hydrosystem operations, hatchery releases, and spawning and emergence for certain groups of anadromous fish
Geographic information systems
Geospatial data for Washington State
Geospatial services information resources and technology management /
GIS data
This section of IBIS contains regional wildlife habitat and ancillary GIS data for the Columbia River Basin and the Pacific Northwest. These data have been created by NHI to meet the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Fish and Wildlife 2000 Program
GIS data at the Washington State Department of Ecology
The Washington State Dept. of Ecology provides data sets which describe the diverse natural and cultural environment of the state. In addition to a state base map, counties, tribal lands, and USGS quadrangle boundaries, other data layers include rivers, shorelines, lake bathymetry, water flow data, dams, and air quality data. Spatial datasets are available in ArcInfo export format (zipped E00), metadata files are in FGDC format, and view files are in GIF format. All coverages are in Washington State Plane, South Zone, NAD 27, unless otherwise noted
GIS data download library
Historical census browser
Data from the historical volumes of the U.S. Census of Population and Housing; state and county data by census (1790-1960). User can produce tables of data by state and county, sort data by selected categories (general population, education & literacy, economy/manufacturing/employment, ethnicity/race/place of birth, agriculture, and slave population), produce time series tables by state, county and topic; and generate maps of selected data
King County GIS Center welcome to KCGIS Center's website! /
King County GIS data [Web page] - UW restricted UW restricted
King County Washington GIS geographic information system - UW restricted UW restricted
Data includes administrative, agricultural land use, boundaries, census, district, environmental, hydrology, political, property, Sensitive Areas Ordinance, streets, survey, transit, wastewater treatment division, and parcel
List of spatial data sets for water Water Resources NSDI node /
Search rectangle is West=-127.90613546, South=22.8757219, East=-65.32190735, North=48.28250713. Search cover is huc250k. Presented in order of relevance based on density of information in the search area
Managed areas database
Comprehensive GIS database for the conterminous United States which includes all types of managed areas
Mapping resources
National historical geographic information system NHGIS
The National Historical Geographic Information System is a project to create and freely disseminate a database incorporating all available aggregate census information for the United States between 1790 and 2000. The data being incorporated into NHGIS covers social and economic topics, such as income, education, labor, housing, elections, religion, and agriculture. When complete, NHGIS will provide data for various levels of geography
PRISM Climate Group [home page]
The data sets available on this web site were created using the PRISM (Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model) climate mapping system, developed by Dr. Christopher Daly, PRISM Group director. PRISM is a unique knowledge-based system that uses point measurements of precipitation, temperature, and other climatic factors to produce continuous, digital grid estimates of monthly, yearly, and event-based climatic parameters
Puget Sound river history project
The Puget Sound River History Project studies the historical landscape of Puget Sound's lowland rivers and estuaries as a dynamically linked geophysical, ecological, and human system. The historical emphasis is on conditions at the time of earliest Euro-American settlement in the mid-19th century, but also includes the landscape's post-glacial, Holocene (10,000 yrs BP) evolution and the last century and a half of change
record of American democracy, 1984-1990 (ROAD) /
The Record Of American Democracy (ROAD) provides a wide variety of data, including election returns, socioeconomic summaries, and demographic details about the American public at unusually low levels of geographic aggregation. The NSF-supported ROAD project covers every state in the country from 1984 through 1990 (including some off-year elections). One collection of data sets includes every election at and above State House, along with party registration and other variables, in each state for the roughly 170,000 precincts nationwide (about 60 times the number of counties). Another collection has added to these (roughly 30-40) political variables an additional 3,725 variables merged from the 1990 U.S. Census for 47,327 aggregate units (about 15 times the number of counties) about the size one or more cities or towns. These units completely tile the U.S. landmass. This collection also includes geographic boundary files so users can easily draw maps with these data
SAGEMAP a GIS database for sage-grouse and shrubsteppe management in the Intermountain West
Snake River Field Station of the Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center developed and now maintains this database of the spatial information needed to address management of sage-grouse and sagebrush steppe habitats in the western United States. This site is a portal for spatial data needed for research and management of sage-grouse and shrubsteppe systems
Salmon critical habitat GIS data
The GIS data are based on information used by NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service to identify areas designated as critical habitat under the U.S. Endangered Species Act for 12 evolutionarily significant units (ESUs) of Pacific salmon and steelhead. The data are provided in two ESRI formats - shapefiles or coverages. Each ESU has a zipped data package that contains metadata and two data layers
Spatial data
More than 300 different Geographic Information System (GIS) data layers or themes were compiled or created in support of the ICBEMP assessment and development of the EIS
StreamNet fish data for the Northwest
Provides database and geographic information system technology on aquatic resources in support of the Northwest Power Planning Council's Fish and Wildlife Program for the Columbia River basin and the Pacific Northwest. Searchable by data category, species, state, county, region, stream, dam, and hatchery. Provides data as tables, GIS layers, charts, graphs, or maps. Also includes query user guide, public education information, newsletter, photographs, temperature data, and subbasin data
U.S. vector data - UW restricted UW restricted
Selected datasets from the ESRI Data and Maps CD/DVD set
USGS Land Cover Institute (LCI) get land cover data /
Washington 7.5 minute DEMs
Washington State Dept. of Ecology EIM Environmental information management
Search over 1.7 million environmental records on Washington's air, water, soil, aquatic animals, and plants from over 10,000 monitoring locations throughout and adjoining Washington State. Access data from over 400 studies including information about where samples were collected, study details, and data quality
Washington State geospatial data archive
Geospatial data for the state of Washington, and selected non-Washington geospatial data sets created by people at the University of Washington
WSDOT GeoData distribution catalog

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