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Center for International Earth Science Information Network CIESIN
CIESIN works at the intersection of the social, natural, and information sciences, and specializes in on-line data and information management, spatial data integration and training, and interdisciplinary research related to human interactions in the environment
Earth science data interface
Web application for searching, browsing, and downloading data from GLCF's online holdings
Environmental data explorer
ETOPO1 global relief model
GRID-Ardenal: Online GIS and Maps Database
GIS datasets and maps from the United Nations Environment Programme in Ardenal, Norway
IDARS, interactive data access and retrieval system
The Interactive Data Access and Retrieval System (IDARS) is being developed to provide a graphical user interface-based tool that will allow visual browsing of data managed by the Operational Oceanography Group of the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)
U.S. vector data - UW restricted UW restricted
Selected datasets from the ESRI Data and Maps CD/DVD set

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