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Literary Voices

Saturday April 26, 2014, 6-9pm at the UW Club

Boys in the Boat


Thank you for your interest in Literary Voices!

This event has reached capacity and we are no longer selling tickets.

In lieu of attending, please consider a gift to the Libraries Senior Conservator fund online, by phone at 206-616-8397.



Thank you to our event partners:

Daniel James Brown, Author of The Boys in the Boat, will deliver the keynote speech.

Authors hosting tables:

  • Melinda Bargreen
  • Nancy Bartley
  • Harriet Baskas
  • Judy Bentley
  • Dave Boling
  • Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton
  • Jerome Gold
  • Nicola Griffith
  • Blaine Harden
  • Wendy Lustbader
  • Domingo Martinez
  • Jack McLeod
  • Suzanne Morrison
  • Kathleen Murphy
  • Steve Raymond
  • Mike Vouri

Thank you to all who attended and supported Literary Voices 2013

photos below by John Pai

Guests at LV2013

Betty Wagner and Belinda Louie

Buying Raffle Tickets

Garth drawing raffle tickets

Garth Stein's table

Martha Tucker and Garth Stein

More Information

For more information or underwriting opportunities, please call 206-616-8397.

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    Garth Stein, keynote speaker
    Dean Adams
    Sharon Cumberland
    Claire Dederer
    Kathleen Flenniken
    Nalini Iyer
    Diana E. James
    Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
    Clare Hodgson Meeker
    Mahlon Meyer
    Suzanne Morrison
    Kevin O’Brien
    Bill Porter (aka Red Pine)
    Kurt Timmermeister
    Adam Warren
    Conrad Wesselhoeft
    Marty Wingate


    Rebecca Brown, keynote speaker
    Maid Adams, Jean Durining,
    Joan Singler, and Bettylou Valentine
    Kurt Armbruster
    David Barash
    Paula Becker and Alan Stein
    Misha Berson
    John M. Findlay and Bruce Hevly
    Kathleen Flenniken
    Molly Gloss
    John Laursen
    Stephen Manes
    Karl Marlantes
    Donna Miscolta
    Richard Morrill
    Jennie Shortridge


    Erik Larson, keynote speaker
    Stephanie Coontz
    David Domke
    Charlotte Coté
    Ellen Forney
    Michael Gruber
    Gordon Hempton
    Michael Honey
    David Horsey
    Hanson Hosein  
    Stephanie Kallos
    Linda Johns
    Charles P. LeWarne  
    Lawrence Matsuda  
    Lorraine McConaghy
    Frances McCue
    Robin Chapman Stacey


    Timothy Egan, keynote speaker
    Paul Bannick
    Knute Berger
    Nicolette Bromberg
    Linda Chalker-Scott
    Ellen Dissanayake
    Curtis Ebbesmeyer
    Karen Fisher
    Lyanda Lynn Haupt
    Lesley Hazlelton
    Jim Lynch
    Heather McHugh
    Doug Nufer
    Art Thiel
    Coll Thrush
    Sasha Su-Ling Welland
    David B. Williams


    J.A. Jance, keynote speaker
    Kathleen Alcala´
    Bruce Barcott
    Daniel James Brown
    Charles R. Cross
    Madeline DeFrees
    Lauro Flores
    Lawrence Kreisman
    Marc Laidlaw
    Lynda Mapes
    Cliff Mass
    Ann Pancake
    Malcolm Parks
    Matt Ruff
    Peter Ward


    Sherman Alexie, keynote speaker
    Tony Angell
    Kit Bakke
    James A. Banks
    & Cherry McGee Banks
    Lance Bennett
    William Dietrich
    Paul Dorpat
    and Jean Sherrard
    Tess Gallagher
    Jack Hamann
    Maria Headley
    Susan Jeffords
    Ruth Kirk
    David Laskin
    Robert Schenkkan
    Alice Shorett
    Shawn Wong
    Robin Wright


    Pepper Schwartz, keynote speaker
    Greg Bear
    Michael Biggins
    Mark Jenkins
    Laura Kastner
    Joel Migdal
    David Montgomery
    Jeffrey Ochsner
    Nancy Pearl
    Maya Sonenberg
    Indu Sundaresan
    Woodruff “Woody” Sullivan III
    Solveig Torvik
    David Wagoner


    Charles Johnson, keynote speaker
    Dennis Andersen
    Gerald Baldasty
    Linda Bierds
    David Bosworth
    William Calvin
    Ivan Doig
    Valerie Easton
    Patricia Kuhl
    Margaret Levi
    Eric Liu
    Colleen J. McElroy
    Andrew Meltzoff
    Ronald Moore
    David Shields