Allen Library North Lobby

Allen Library North G81

Use Policy & Description of Facility


Allen Library


If you have questions, contact:

Libraries Facilities
Mail: Box 352900

Special Conditions

  • To be considered, exhibitors must have a UW Libraries librarian or staff sponsor who is responsible for scheduling and arranging logistics with the Libraries. The sponsor owns the exhibit and coordinates all requisite approvals with their leadership. Libraries Facilities only manages the space and Libraries-owned equipment.
  • The Libraries does not provide audiovisual components. Any audio aspects of exhibits must use headphones.
  • Limited electrical access in the space.
  • Exhibits may not impede traffic flow in lobby or block sight-lines to elevators and emergency exits.
  • Exhibits in the Allen Library North Lobby are limited to 8 weeks duration with prompt removal.
  • No installation can cause permanent damage to building facilities. Therefore, no drilling, nailing, or tacking into walls, taping, or painting of display spaces is allowed.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for maintaining their exhibit during its run, and cleaning up any debris, trash, or residue left behind by the exhibit. Extra equipment brought in by exhibitor cannot be stored in the Libraries.
  • The Libraries does not provide storage for traveling exhibits. Exhibitor will need to be onsite and handle freight logistics for any incoming/outgoing shipments.

Allen North Proposal Process

  • Exhibitor finds a Libraries sponsor (see above under Special Conditions). For help with this contact your Libraries liaison or submit an Ask Us query.
  • Sponsor will contact Libraries Facilities to check for availability, reserve the space, and communicate setup needs.
  • Exhibitor and Libraries sponsor sign Exhibit Release Form at exhibit installation.
  • Exhibitor and sponsor to set up and tear down exhibit in timely manor and check exhibit regularly for maintenance needs while it is up.

    Area Specification and Description, Equipment and Hours

    Shared lobby space. 930 square feet of exhibit space. Exhibits available for viewing during library building hours.

    Equipment Available

    • Exhibit cases

    Three (3) horizontal glass cases with sliding glass doors in front or back

    Size: 72" across x 30" deep x 9" usable interior height. Overall height 36" floor to top of case.

    Glass on top and sides.

    • Vertical Poster Panels

    Fourteen (14) two-sided with beige fabric-covered surface for pinning objects or papers (can be used as "v"-configuration (two-sided panels), "y" or "z" configurations.

    Size: 36" x 47" usable area. Overall height 72" floor to top of panel support

    Exhibit accessories:

    • 2 book stands - open (to hold books in open position)
    • Sandwich Board
    • 2 Easels
    • Exhibit toolkit (includes T pins, pushpins, clear book strips)
    • Any equipment not listed here must be provided by the exhibitor.