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Odegaard Undergraduate Library Exhibit Space

Use Policy/Description of Facility


Odegaard Undergraduate Library


If you have specific questions about the space, contact:

Name: Anne Davis
Phone: 206-616-1969
Email: adavey@uw.edu
Mail: Box 353080

University Libraries Representative:

John Danneker

Area Specification and Description, Equipment and Hours:

Exhibit Spaces Available:

  • Open floor space on first, second, and third floors
  • White exhibition walls with hanging system on second and third floors
  • The display walls are illuminated by display lights (second floor) or natural light from the skylight (third floor)
  • Both spaces are broken into three sections, separated by the doors to study rooms
  • Two walls measure 8' high and 12' long, and one wall measures 8' high and 6.5' long

    As long as your exhibit does not interfere with student study space, other display areas may be considered. Reach out to the OUGL Exhibits Team to discuss whether your desired location will be suitable for your project.


    Equipment Available:

    • Mobile Glass Cases (ideal for small, fragile, valuable pieces), 2
    • Black pedestals, tall, 2
    • Black pedestals, short, 2
    • Mobile video display monitors (requires USB drive), 3
    • Mobile black display panels, 5
    • iPad Mini and display stand, 1

    Special Conditions:


    • No artwork or installation can cause any permanent damage to building facilities. Therefore, no drilling, nailing, or tacking into walls, or painting of display spaces is allowed. The only adhesive allowed on the walls is blue painter’s tape; other adhesives are likely to remove paint from the wall.
    • The exhibitor is responsible for cleaning up any mess, trash, or residue left behind by the exhibit.



    No exhibit or installation should pose any kind of safety risk to the exhibitor or patrons using the library. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • No installations that require anything taller than a standard ladder to complete
    • No installations that have potential to fall, tip over, trip, or injure patrons
    • No installations using hazardous chemicals, weapons, blades, etc.
    • No installations blocking any doorway or fire exit or walkways