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UW Bothell/Cascadia College Library Organizational Chart

University of Washington Libraries Organizational Chart for UWB/CC- May 2020

Associate Dean of University Libraries and Director of UWB/CC Library, Sarah Leadley

Digital Collections and Services

Head of Digital Scholarship and Collections, Denise Hattwig

  • Digital Collections Library Technician, Mary Schibig

Teaching and Learning Services

Head of Teaching and Learning/Literature & Humanities Librarian, Leslie Hurst

  • Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies & Engineering Librarian, Penelope Wood
  • Business and Computer Science Librarian, Myra Waddell
  • Business and Economics Librarian, Sarah Schroeder
  • American Studies Librarian, Danielle Rowland
  • Nursing and Health Studies Librarian, Julie Planchon-Wolf
  • Global & Policy Studies Librarian, Chelsea Nesvig
  • Psychology & Sociology Librarian, Michael Mungin
  • Media Studies Librarian, Nia Lam
  • Science, Math & Education Librarian, Alyssa Berger
  • Fine Arts & Cultural Studies Librarian, Laura Dimmit Smyth
  • Computer Science Librarian, Je Salvador


Head of Collections and Course Support Services/Anthropology Librarian, Suzan Parker

  • Materials Processing Technician, Hannah Mendro
  • Materials Processing Technician Lead, Vacant


Reserves Supervisor, Mary Yutani

  • Lead Reserves Technician, Bryce Figueroa
  • Reserves Technician, Denise Blike

Budget and Operations

Administrator, Nancy Esterly

  • Facilities Coordinator,Vacant

Public Services

Head of Public Services/ Reference & Instruction Librarian, Heather Cyre

Access Services

Access Services Manager, Tami Garrard

  • Circulation Technician Lead, Cora Thomas
  • Circulation Supervisor, Emily Ferguson
  • Collection Maintenance Library Supervisor, Nicolas Loesch
  • Circulation Technician, James Watkins

Library Technical Services

Head of Library Technology Services/Science Librarian, Rob Estes

  • Senior Computer Specialist,Armin Liedtke
  • Senior Computer Specialist, Tom Mahon