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Collections & Content Organizational Chart

UW Libraries Organizational Chart for Collections & Content - March 2021

Associate Dean for Collections & Content, Denise Pan


Director of Preservation Services, Stephanie Lamson

  • Associate Conservator, Claire Kenny
  • Digital Preservation Librarian, Moriah Caruso
  • Senior Conservator, Justin Johnson
  • Media Preservation Librarian, Andrew Weaver

Binding & Marking

  • Preservation Supervisor, Jesse Stanley
    • Preservation Specialist, vacant


Conservation Manager, Kate Leonard

  • Conservation Specialist, Judith Johnson
  • Conservation Technician, Katie Murphy

Acquisitions & Rapid Cataloging Services

Director of Acquisitions & Rapid Cataloging Services, Sion Romaine

  • Acquisitions Metadata Specialist, Nick Schockmel

Acquisitions: Serials

Acquisitions Librarian- Serials & Electronic Resources, Karen Spence

  • Serials & Electronic Resources Specialist, Brenda Catlett
  • Serials Invoicing & Receiving Specialist, Cari Ahlstom
  • Serials Receiving Specialist, Thomas Smith

Acquisitions: One-Time Orders

Librarian/Classics Librarian, Morag Stewart

  • Monographic Approvals Specialist, Margaret Fulton
  • Monographic Order Specialist, Wesley Nelson
  • Monographic Order Specialist, Rebecca Doxford

Acquisitions: U.S. Documents

Government Publications Supervisor, Hilary Reinert

  • Government Publications & Monographic Receiving Specialist, Kam Lee
  • U.S. Documents Technician, Kate Scully

Receiving & Rapid Cataloging

Monographic Receiving & Rapid Cataloging Supervisor, Tim Cameron

  • Acquisitions Metadata Specialist, Will Davis
  • Monographic Receiving & Invoicing Specialist, Frederick Slyter
  • Monographic Receiving & Quick Cataloging Specialist, Cheryl Morrison

Collection Analysis and Strategy

Director of Collections Analysis and Strategy, Corey Murata

  • Collection Assessment Librarian, Hana Levay
  • Collection Strategy & Licensing Librarian/Comparative Literature Librarian, Faye Christenberry
  • Head of Gifts Program/Content Manager, Carolyn Aamot

Cataloging and Metadata Services

Director of Cataloging and Metadata Services, Erin Grant

  • Principal Cataloger, Adam Schiff

Serials Cataloging

Head of Serials Cataloging Unit, Steven Shadle

  • Serials Cataloger, Caroline Marsh
  • Serials Cataloging Librarian, Linda Pitts
  • Serials Cataloging Processor, Vera Otmar
  • Serials Copy Cataloger, Phyllis Chan
  • Serials Copy Cataloger, Dana Shemorry

Metadata and Cataloging Initiatives

Head of Metadata & Cataloging Initiatives Unit, Theodore Gerontakos

  • Catalog and Resource Maintenance Specialist, Pamela Freeman
  • Database Management and Government Documents Retrospective Cataloger, Amy Entze
  • Database Management Librarian, Karen Highum
  • E-Resources Metadata Librarian, Luiza Wainer
  • Metadata Librarian, Ben Riesenberg

Monographic Cataloging

Head of Monographic Cataloging Unit, Cate Gerhart

  • Book Arts and Science Cataloger, Crystal Clements
  • Health Sciences and Media Cataloger, Laura Lins
  • Humanities and Media Cataloger, Su Burton
  • Humanities and Media Cataloger, Junghae Lee
  • Humanities and Special Collections Cataloger, Mary Mathiason
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Cataloger, Julia Moede
  • Social Sciences and Special Materials Cataloger, Heather Johnson
  • Special Collections Cataloging Librarian, Caitlyn Stephens

International Studies

Head of International Studies Cataloging Unit, Diana Brooking

  • Baltic and Slavic Languages Cataloger, Lijana Holmes
  • Central Asian Cataloging Librarian, Joseph Kiegel
  • International Studies Cataloging Librarian, Nava Khademisyan
  • Near Eastern Languages Cataloger, Vincent Wilhite
  • Thai Language Cataloger, Laura Tuck