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Jackie Belanger

Jackie Belanger
Director of Assessment & Planning

Jackie leads the Libraries assessment program and develops quantitative and qualitative assessments designed to improve Libraries services and resources and to communicate the value of the Libraries to stakeholders. Recent major projects undertaken in collaboration with colleagues and institutional partners include: the 2016 Libraries Triennial Survey; a design thinking project to understand the needs of transfer students; and an analysis of Libraries chat reference transcripts to improve research support for faculty and students. As co-chair of the Libraries Strategic Planning Working Group, she is responsible for the Libraries strategic planning process and works to align Libraries’ data gathering efforts with strategic initiatives. Recent publications include work on assessing student learning outcomes and using assessment management systems.

Maggie FaberMaggie Faber
Assessment & Data Visualization Librarian

Maggie leads Libraries efforts to analyze and communicate assessment results and related data by developing interactive dashboards and visualizations. Recent projects include creating a suite of dashboards to communicate the qualitative and quantitative results of the 2018 In Library Use Survey, the 2016 Triennial Survey, and numerous space assessments. She also collaborates with Libraries staff to design and implement a variety of assessment projects. She recently presented a poster on Using Interactive Visualization to Analyze Space Assessment Data at the Library Assessment Conference, and on using a Choose Your Own Adventure-style Information Literacy tutorial to understand and support student research behavior.

Steve Hiller
Special Assistant for Strategic Analysis and Institutional Research

Steve manages UW Libraries institutional and national reporting efforts. He is responsible for analyzing institutional data and information with potential impact on the Libraries strategy and operations. He assists with the development of Libraries annual budget narratives and leads Libraries data analysis for peer libraries comparisons. He is the co-founder and co-chair of the biennial Library Assessment Conference, and the recipient of the 2016  University of Washington David B. Thorud Leadership Award for his contributions to the institution in library assessment.