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Assessment Projects

In addition to large-scale Libraries-wide surveys, the Libraries also engages annually in targeted projects focused on specific questions, services, spaces, and/or user groups. Results from these focused projects are used for the ongoing improvement of Libraries support for faculty and students. This page provides a selected list of Libraries assessment and usability projects.



Graduate Student Citation Management Needs
This project, which arose out of results from the 2016 Libraries Triennial Survey, employed a Design Thinking approach to understanding the citation management needs of graduate students at the University of Washington. Results are being used to improve citation management support services.


Research Commons Library Use Survey
Short paper survey distributed to those using the Research Commons during five sampling periods in February-March 2017. Results are used to inform furniture and other space-related improvements.



24/7 Online Chat Service Assessment
A project focused on a content analysis of UW Libraries’ chat reference transcripts to assess user populations and the types of questions they ask. The report identifies optimal staffing models and areas for improvement in chat and related Libraries services.


Understanding Transfer Student Needs
This project employed a Design Thinking approach to understanding the needs of transfer students at the University of Washington. The project, led by staff at Odegaard Undergraduate Library, resulted in changes to Libraries events, programming, and outreach to transfer students.


Foster Business Library Space Assessment
This project employed quantitative and qualitative methods to assess space use and needs at Foster Business Library. Results from this project complement results from the In-Library Use Survey and addresses growing needs for programming and instruction spaces.


UW Bothell Teaching & Learning Assessment Program: Revised Student Learning Outcomes
UW Bothell & Cascadia library project to revise information literacy (IL) student learning outcomes in light of the new Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.  The outcomes form the basis for annual student learning assessment activities.


Odegaard Undergraduate Library Active Learning Classroom Assessment Project, Year Two
The Active Learning Classroom research team explored the social interactions that occur in the classrooms. The project focused on selected courses to understand how interactions in the classrooms affect the quality of student learning experiences and their perceptions of themselves as learners. The project resulted in five Active Learning Classroom profiles.



Odegaard Undergraduate Library Active Learning Classroom Assessment Project, Year One
A collaborative assessment project focused on the challenges and opportunities for teaching and learning instructors and students in new Active Learning Classrooms. The project team also sought to gather data to inform best practices for active learning strategies and future classroom designs.


UW Bothell Teaching & Learning Assessment Program: Nursing Program Student Learning Assessment
Librarians assessed key outcomes for student learning in UW Bothell's BNURS 350, Critical Thinking in Nursing, a core course in the Nursing program at UW Bothell.