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Brand Responsibility Project

Labor rights campaign archive

Website: Brand Responsibility Project

Project Synopsis

This project documented a labor rights campaign that ended in the creation of a relief fund for terminated workers in Honduras who were previously subcontractors for the Nike Corporation. To better understand the dynamics and outcome of the campaign, the Advisory Committee on Trademarks and Licensing at the University of Washington commissioned the creation of an archives of materials documenting the Nike case as well as previous cases at the University of Washington that involved Russell Athletics and Gear for Sports. Interviews were conducted with representatives from the Worker’s Rights Consortium, the Fair Labor Association, the United Students Against Sweatshops, trademark and licensing staff and advisory committees at various US universities, the corporate social responsibility officers of relevant apparel corporations, NGOs, and workers’ representatives. Audio and video of the interviews are available via the website as well as papers that our research team wrote and presented based on the data collected.

People Involved

    • Professor Margaret Levi
    • Professor Anne Greenleaf
    • Milli Lake
    • Conor Casey, Labor Archivist, UW Libraries

    Libraries Role

    Conor Casey consulted on permissions/releases, preservation-grade file formats, and metadata standards.