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Korean Liberation Space (1945-1950) Collection

Digitized book collection

Website: Korean Liberation Space (1945-1950) collection

Project Synopsis

This collection includes 104 books digitized from the Korean Liberation Space. The digitized works are rare and unique literary resources published from the time period of two major historical events, the Korea's liberation from Japanese occupation and the Korea War. The collection represents the time of the new nation building and the clash of different ideologies.

People Involved

  • Dr. Jong Chune Kim, Visiting Scholar from Sangmyung University of Korea
  • Hyokyoung Yi, Korean Studies Librarian
  • Anne Graham, Senior Computer Specialist, UW Libraries
  • Angela Rosette-Tavares, Digital Projects Designer

Libraries Role

Anne Graham and Hyokyoung Yi served as project managers.  Angela Rosette-Tavares designed and developed the website.