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SeaTac/Seattle Minimum Wage History Project

Archive of local minimum wage campaigns

Website:  SeaTac/Seattle Minimum Wage History Project

Project Synopsis

A digital humanities project documenting the historic campaigns that in 2013-14 succeeded in mandating a $15 minimum wage at SeaTac and then in the city of Seattle.  The completed project will be a web-based archives providing resources for students, faculty, journalists, and the general public who seek to understand how the campaigns for minimum wage developed, were sustained, and then prevailed through the efforts of many organizations and individuals.  A collaborative effort involving primarily students and faculty associated with the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, Labor Archivist Conor Casey and others in the UW Libraries Special Collections, and a host of community organizations; faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates from numerous campus disciplinary and interdisciplinary units will be involved in the project.

People Involved

  • Professor Michael McCann, UW Political Science
  • Conor Casey, Labor Archivist, UW Libraries

Libraries Role

Conor Casey co-directed this project with Professor Michael McCann. Conor created the project best practice standards and workflows for preservation file formats, project management and data collection platforms, permission/release forms, and oral history recording and transcription protocols and consulted on recording equipment and metadata standard with McCann and key Libraries staff.