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Ocean 444 Senior Theses Collection

Senior theses archive

Website: Ocean 444 Senior Theses Collection

Project Synopsis

Seniors majoring in Oceanography complete a year-long sequence of courses during which they design a field experiment to test a hypothesis, conduct the experiment on an oceanic cruise, analyze the data, and write a research report in the form of a journal article. Since 2006, Louise Richards, Fisheries & Oceanography Librarian, has worked with students and instructors to collect and input the senior theses into ResearchWorks. Students sign permissions slips and agree to archive their work while retaining copyright. There are now 152 senior theses in ResearchWorks and more theses will soon be added.

People Involved

  • Louise Richards, Assistant Director, Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Fisheries & Oceanography Librarian
  • Ocean 445 students and instructors

Libraries Role

Louise Richards coordinates the collecting and input of senior theses into ResearchWorks.