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James Palais Paper Collection: Pangye Surok

Digitized manuscript collection

Website: James Palais Paper Collection: Pangye Surok

Project Synopsis

These digital manuscripts are UW professor James Palais’ English translation copies of Pangye Surok, a virtual encyclopedia of Confucian statecraft for a reformed Korean system of Government authored by the 17th century Korean scholar Yu Hyongwon. Nearly 2,000 pages of the original manuscripts of English translation were never published during Professor Palais’ lifetime and were recently discovered during a review of the Palais’ faculty paper in the UW Libraries Special Collections.

People Involved

  • Joshua Van Lieu, LaGrange College (former student of James Palais and UW alumnus)
  • Hyokyoung Yi, Korean Studies Librarian
  • Anne Graham, Senior Computer Specialist, UW Libraries

Libraries Role

Anne Graham and Hyokyoung Yi served as project managers