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Puget Sound Environmental Justice Interviews

Video archive

Website: Puget Sound Environmental Justice Interviews

Project Synopsis

This project is a result of a collaboration between Dr. Evans-Agnew (Nursing and Healthcare Leadership) and Dr. Compson (Interdisciplinary Arts and Science) at UW Tacoma. In their respective fields of nursing and philosophy, both professors study the concept of environmental justice. In conversation, they found that the concept was understood quite differently in each respective field. This led to the impetus to explore these differences. They were keen to involve students and the local community in this project and were awarded a Community Engagement/Curriculum Enhancement grant by UWT’s Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility to help collect voices from the local community on this issue.

This collection is a culmination of that project. Student teams from TPHIL 456 were required to interview local people in the community or faculty at UW Tacoma who have some professional or research interests in environmental justice. The interviews were recorded on video, edited where necessary, and with permission of the interviewees, put up on this site. Students made written transcripts of these videos, available on the project site. This collection is made publicly available to enable others to hear local voices about environmental justice.

People Involved

  • Justin Wadland, Head, Media and Digital Collections, UW Tacoma Library
  • Dr. Evans-Agnew, Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, UW Tacoma
  • Dr. Compson, Interdisciplinary Arts and Science, UW Tacoma
  • Students enrolled in TPHIL 456
  • Chris Lower, student assistant

Libraries Role

Justin Wadland helped coordinate the collection of projects for inclusion on the site.  Student assistant Chris Lower provided brief abstracts of each interview, which are also included.