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UW Bothell/Cascadia College Wetlands Project

Photo archive

Website: UW Bothell/Cascadia College Wetlands Project

Project Synopsis

The University of Washington Bothell / Cascadia College campus is the location for one of the largest and most complex floodplain restorations ever undertaken in the Pacific Northwest. It is a bold attempt to restore highly altered pastureland to a sustainable, functioning floodplain ecosystem within an urbanizing watershed. The project is unique in the degree to which fundamental theories of ecosystem and restoration ecology were utilized in the design and are being employed in the management of the site. This collection includes photographs documenting the restoration project, from its early day before and during construction through its ecological development to the present times. Images address many aspects of the science and natural history of the site and its human use.

People Involved

  • Professor Warren Gold, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell
  • Marc Studer, photographer
  • Campus Facilities staff, photographers
  • Denise Hattwig, Curator, Digital Collections & Services, UW Bothell/Cascadia Library

Libraries Role

Denise Hattwig served as lead curator and project manager for this project.