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Scope of the Japanese Studies Collection

The scope of Japanese Studies materials follows the one of the East Asia Library. That is to support teaching and research activities related to Japan. The Japanese Studies collection covers all areas of the humanities and social sciences. While it does not cover in natural science, medicine, and engineering, it acquires titles relating to historical, social, and cultural aspects of the disciplines.

The collection not only covers materials relating to Japanese nationals, but also non-Japanese residents such as Korean residents whose lives are integrated part of Japan. The materials of Japanese overseas immigrants will be obtained only in the context of their relationship to Japan.

The Gallagher Law Library collects materials on Japanese law. Foster Business Library collects materials on contemporary Japanese business practices in English language. Art Library collects art material in English. The East Asia Library acquires titles relating to philosophical, historical, and social aspect of legal issues, business practices, and Japanese art. We work closely with librarians of these libraries in order to avoid duplicates.

The East Asia Library is member library of OCLC worldcat database. We continue to participate in developing more comprehensive database of CJK materials at national level. While the Japanese Studies collection acquires the materials used at the University of Washington, it will be developed in conjunction with collection holdings at other universities. We cooperate with other libraries both in the United States and in Japan in sharing resources such as infrequently used, rare, expensive materials in order to be cost-effective in improving quality of Japanese Studies collection at national level.