Information for Faculty

General Engineering Library Reserves information: submitting reserve lists and materials


Although there is no firm deadline for reserve requests, we encourage instructors to submit lists as early in advance of the quarter as possible. Books that are checked out and books that need to be ordered may take weeks or months to arrive. During busy times, even simple requests may take longer than expected.

    Forms are available

    • on the Web - go to the Engineering Library's Reserve Request Form
    • in person - request a form at the Engineering Library Circulation Desk
    • by email - request a form by sending a message to
    • by telephone - request a form by calling the Engineering Library Circulation Desk at (206) 685-8324

    Please type or print legibly on the form and submit it to the Engineering Library:

    • by email or web - see "Forms are available" section, above
    • in person - at the Engineering Library Circulation Desk
    • by mail - to Box 352170
    • by Fax - (206) 543-3305

    Please read the UW Libraries Copyright Policy for Course Reserves.

Further Instructions and Hints

Course Reserves General Information for Instructors
Overview of UW Libraries Reserves and E-Reserves policies, procedures and tips. Includes information about copyright compliance.
Fill out your form completely to speed processing.
If you have any questions, contact Engineering Reserve.
Use one reserve form for each class.
Please do not submit a syllabus in place of the reserve form. Usually the syllabus lacks important reserve information, which slows processing.
Titles not held in the UW Libraries will be ordered.
Please allow additional time for the acquisition and processing of material -- sometimes it takes months for a book to arrive. If you wish, you may place your personal copy (see below) of the book on reserve while we wait for the ordered book to arrive.
Renewing reserve lists.
If you would like the same items to be placed on reserve the following quarter, be sure to contact the reserve staff. If we do not hear from you, the material will be taken off reserve after the end of the quarter.

Special Materials

Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves)
Information for Faculty About Electronic Reserves.
Managing Your Own E-Reserves
Copyright Compliance
Homework Solutions, Class Notes, and Test Files.
These types of materials must be accompanied by a reserve form. Instructors are responsible for adding new solutions to the notebooks and making sure they are up to date (if necessary). Instructors are encouraged to use Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves) for these types of materials.
Personal Copies
Personal copies may be placed on reserve at the owner's risk. The library cannot be responsible for material that is lost, stolen, or damaged while on reserve.