Newspaper Genre List

The following list is an attempt to standardize terms used to designate genres of newspapers. It includes terms denoting audience, type of creator, type of distribution, content, etc. The intent is for these terms to provide additional access in conjunction with authorized LC subject headings.

The original perspective and scope of the list reflected the types of papers cataloged by members of the United States Newspaper Program. The list may be updated to be more inclusive and/or to eliminate harmful language. See the UW Libraries' Critical Cataloging and Archival Description for more information.

The list is also expressed as linked open data. It is a SKOS vocabulary available in multiple serializations (RDFa, Turtle, NTriples, RDF/XML, JSON-LD); MARC-XML authority records are also available. The vocabulary IRI is, which derefences to the RDFa version. All other versions are available from that page.

The Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office has assigned the MARC code "ngl" to the Newspaper Genre List. This code may be used in subfield $2 (Source of term) in field 655 (Index Term--Genre/Form).

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Newspaper Genre Terms

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Abolitionist newspapers

USE Anti-slavery newspapers

African American newspapers [ngl001]

UF Afro-American newspapers

UF Negro newspapers (American)

UF Black newspapers (American)

Afro-American newspapers

USE African American newspapers

Agricultural exhibition newspapers [ngl002]

(Use for newspapers which report on competitive exhibitions of farm products, livestock, baked goods, etc. with prizes for excellence, often combined with carnival-like entertainment, and held annually by states, counties, etc.)

RT County fair newspapers

RT State fair newspapers

Agricultural newspapers [ngl003]

(Use for newspapers which feature general news stories and which focus on specific topics such as livestock, animal culture, produce, farm life, etc.)

UF Farm and agricultural newspapers

Alaska Native newspapers [ngl004]

(Use for newspapers written by indigenous groups living in Alaska.)

UF Eskimo newspapers

BT Native American newspapers

Alternative newspapers

USE Underground newspapers

Amateur newspapers [ngl005]

(Use for newspapers written, published and printed by those engaged in these pursuits as a pastime rather than as a profession.)

RT Children's newspapers

American Indian newspapers

USE Native American newspapers

Anarchist newspapers [ngl006]

Anti-Catholic newspapers [ngl007]

(Use for newspapers which regularly feature articles which speak out against Catholicism.)

BT Anti-religious newspapers

Anti-Chinese newspapers [ngl008]

Anti-Masonic newspapers [ngl011]

Anti-clerical newspapers

USE Anti-religious newspapers

Anti-clericalism newspapers

USE Anti-religious newspapers

Anti-communist newspapers [ngl009]

RT Communist newspapers

Anti-fascist newspapers [ngl010]

Anti-prohibition newspapers [ngl012]

RT Prohibition newspapers

RT Temperance newspapers

Anti-religious newspapers [ngl013]

UF Anti-clerical newspapers

UF Anti-clericalism newspapers

NT Anti-Catholic newspapers

RT Atheist newspapers

Anti-slavery newspapers [ngl014]

UF Abolitionist newspapers

UF Antislavery newspapers

RT Pro-slavery newspapers

Anti-war newspapers

USE Pacifist newspapers

Antislavery newspapers

USE Anti-slavery newspapers

Art newspapers [ngl015]

(Use for newspapers covering news about the fine arts.)

Asian American newspapers [ngl016]

Atheist newspapers [ngl017]

RT Anti-religious newspapers

Baptist newspapers [ngl113]

Black newspapers (American)

USE African American newspapers

Blackfoot newspapers [ngl118]

BT Native American newspapers

Booster newspapers

USE Real estate development newspapers

Business and financial newspapers [ngl018]

(Use for newspapers which feature general news and which focus on specific topics such as insurance, investments, marketing, etc.)

UF Commercial newspapers

RT Industry newspapers

Campaign newspapers [ngl019]

(Use for newspapers published during a national or state election year which are party affiliated and usually limited to a calendar year.)

UF Political campaign newspapers

Catholic newspapers [ngl114]

Cheyenne newspapers [ngl116]

BT Native American newspapers

Chicano newspapers

USE Mexican American newspapers

Children's newspapers [ngl020]

(Use for newspapers published by children or specifically for children.)

RT Amateur newspapers

Chinese American newspapers [ngl021]

Chinese Canadian newspapers [ngl120]

Civil rights newspapers [ngl022]

Civil service newspapers [ngl023]

BT Labor newspapers

Civilian Conservation Corps newspapers [ngl024]

College student newspapers [ngl025]

(Use for newspapers written by college students about their schools, may include local, national and world news.)

BT Student newspapers

Commercial newspapers

USE Business and financial newspapers

Communist newspapers [ngl026]

RT Anti-communist newspapers

RT Marxist newspapers

RT Socialist newspapers

Community newspapers [ngl027]

(Use for local newspapers published for a particular neighborhood within a city or county jurisdiction.)

UF Neighborhood newspapers

UF Suburban newspapers

Company town newspapers [ngl028]

(Use for newspapers published for towns where one main company employs most of the community.)

Conference newspapers [ngl029]

(Use for newspapers published usually on a daily basis during annual meetings of major organizations.)

Conservative newspapers [ngl107]

Consumer cooperative newspapers [ngl030]

County fair newspapers [ngl031]

RT Agricultural exhibition newspapers

RT State fair newspapers

Democratic Party newspapers [ngl110]

Disabled newspapers

USE Handicapped persons' newspapers

Entertainment newspapers [ngl032]

UF Popular entertainment newspapers

Environmental newspapers [ngl033]

Eskimo newspapers

USE Alaska Native newspapers

Ethnic newspapers [ngl100]

USE specific two-term descriptors that identify the ethnicity of the readership, e.g., African American newspapers, Japanese American newspapers, Chinese Canadian newspapers, etc. One term applies to the readership of the newspaper who identify with a particular ethnicity (e.g., a publication produced by a Punjabi community would receive the term "Punjabi" rather than "Pakistani" or "East Indian"). Another term applies to the larger culture in which the group resides (e.g., American, Canadian).

Farm and agricultural newspapers

USE Agricultural newspapers

Feminist newspapers [ngl034]

(Use for newspapers advocating social and political rights of women equal to men.)

RT Women's newspapers

Fisheries newspapers [ngl035]

BT Industry newspapers

Foreign language newspapers [ngl101]

USE other genre and/or subject headings for particular groups if appropriate. Code bibliographic record for language.

Fraternal newspapers

USE Friendly society newspapers

Free circulation newspapers [ngl036]

UF Free distribution newspapers

Free distribution newspapers

USE Free circulation newspapers

Friendly society newspapers [ngl037]

(Use for newspapers produced under the aegis of the Masons, Odd Fellows, et al.)

UF Fraternal newspapers

Gay newspapers [ngl038]

UF Lesbian newspapers

UF Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) newspapers

UF Homosexual newspapers

UF Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) newspapers

UF Queer newspapers

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) newspapers

USE Gay newspapers

Gazettes [ngl039]

(Use for newspapers sanctioned by the U.S. or state government as official publishers.)

UF Official gazettes

UF Legal gazettes

UF Government gazettes

RT Government newpapers

Ghost town newspapers [ngl040]

(Use for newspapers published in towns which are now abandoned.)

Government gazettes

USE Gazettes

Government newspapers [ngl041]

(Use for newspapers published by government organizations, but not by official publishers, e.g., Native American newspapers published by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.)

RT Gazettes

Handicapped persons' newspapers [ngl042]

(Use for newspapers published for and about the disabled.)

UF Disabled newspapers

High school student newspapers [ngl043]

BT Student newspapers

Hispanic American newspapers [ngl044]

(Use for newspapers by, for, and about U.S. citizens of Latin American descent.)

UF Latino newspapers

UF Latinx newspapers

NT Mexican American newspapers

Homeless newspapers

USE Street newspapers

Homosexual newspapers

USE Gay newspapers

Hospital newspapers [ngl045]

BT Medical newspapers

Indian newspapers

USE Native American newspapers

Industry newspapers [ngl046]

(Use for newspapers about profit-making enterprises that produce or supply goods, services, or sources of income.)

NT Fisheries newspapers

NT Lumbering newspapers

NT Maritime newspapers

NT Mining newspapers

RT Business and financial newspapers

Japanese American evacuation and relocation camp newspapers [ngl047]

Japanese American newspapers [ngl048]

Jewish newspapers [ngl049]

Ku Klux Klan newspapers [ngl050]

Labor newspapers [ngl051]

NT Civil service newspapers

NT Trade-union newspapers

RT Unemployment newspapers

Lampoon newspapers [ngl052]

(Use for newspapers which satirize current events and people.)

Latino newspapers

USE Hispanic American newspapers

Latinx newspapers

USE Hispanic American newspapers

Law newspapers

USE Lawyers' newspapers

Lawyers' newspapers [ngl053]

(Use for newspapers produced for and by lawyers.)

UF Law newspapers

UF Legal newspapers

Legal gazettes

USE Gazettes

Legal newspapers

USE Lawyers' newspapers

Lesbian newspapers

USE Gay newspapers

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) newspapers

USE Gay newspapers

Literary newspapers [ngl054]

Lumbering newspapers [ngl055]

BT Industry newspapers

Lummi newspapers [ngl117]

BT Native American newspapers

Manuscript newspapers [ngl056]

(Use for newspapers produced in long hand script.)

Maritime newspapers [ngl057]

RT Ship newspapers

BT Industry newspapers

Marxist newspapers [ngl058]

RT Communist newspapers

RT Socialist newspapers

Medical newspapers [ngl059]

NT Hospital newspapers

Mexican American newspapers [ngl060]

UF Chicano newspapers

BT Hispanic American newspapers

Migrant labor camp newspapers [ngl061]

Military base newspapers [ngl062]

UF Military post newspapers

BT Military newspapers

Military post newspapers

USE Military base newspapers

Military newspapers [ngl108]

NT Military base newspapers

Mining newspapers [ngl063]

BT Industry newspapers

Minority newspapers [ngl102]

USE specific descriptors, e.g., Jewish newspapers, Gay newspapers, etc.

Mission newspapers [ngl064]

(Use for newspapers produced for local or national Evangelical or missionary audiences. May be published by a church or non-denominational group.)

Multicultural newspapers [ngl106]

(Use for newspapers about multicultural issues, racial equality, or diversity. Also use for newspapers covering issues of more than one ethnic group.)

Native American newspapers [ngl065]

(Also apply other genre or subject headings for particular tribes and geographic locations if appropriate, e.g., Lummi newspapers, Blackfoot newspapers, Yakama newspapers.)

UF American Indian newspapers

UF Indian newspapers

NT Alaska Native newspapers

Negro newspapers (American)

USE African American newspapers

Neighborhood newspapers

USE Community newspapers

Non-denominational newspapers [ngl115]

Non-partisan newspapers [ngl066]

Official gazettes

USE Gazettes

Pacifist newspapers [ngl067]

UF Anti-war newspapers

Political campaign newspapers

USE Campaign newspapers

Political party newspapers [ngl103]

USE specific party descriptors, e.g., Democratic Party newspapers, Republican Party newspapers, Whig Party newspapers, etc.

Popular entertainment newspapers

USE Entertainment newspapers

Prison newspapers [ngl068]

Pro-life newspapers [ngl071]

Pro-slavery newspapers [ngl072]

UF Slavery newspapers

NT Secession newspapers

RT Anti-slavery newspapers

Prohibition newspapers [ngl069]

(Use for newspapers advocating the legal prevention of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages.)

RT Anti-prohibition newspapers

RT Temperance newspapers

Propaganda newspapers [ngl070]

(Use for newspapers produced by a group or movement organized for spreading a particular doctrine or system of principles.)

Queer newspapers

USE Gay newspapers

Real estate development newspapers [ngl073]

(Use for newspapers primarily intended to promote local economic activity by touting the assets of the community.)

UF Booster newspapers

Referendum newspapers [ngl074]

(Use for newspapers of limited duration established and printed in support of local or state political issues.)

Religious denomination newspapers [ngl104]

USE specific descriptors, e.g., Baptist newspapers, Catholic newspapers, Non-denominational newspapers

Republican Party newspapers [ngl111]

Resort newspapers [ngl075]

(Use for local newspapers published for seasonal tourist audiences.)

Retiree newspapers

USE Retirees' newspapers

Retirees' newspapers [ngl076]

UF Retiree newspapers

School newspapers [ngl077]

(Use for newspapers created by schools, but generally not by the student body, e.g., Indian school newspapers.)

Secession newspapers [ngl078]

BT Pro-slavery newspapers

RT States' rights newspapers

Ship newspapers [ngl079]

RT Maritime newspapers

Shopper's guides

USE Shopping guides

Shopping guides [ngl080]

(Use for local newspapers which are primarily advertising media but which include substantive local news items and articles.)

UF Shopper's guides

Slavery newspapers

USE Pro-slavery newspapers

Socialist newspapers [ngl081]

RT Communist newspapers

RT Marxist newspapers

Sports newspapers [ngl082]

State fair newspapers [ngl083]

(Use for newspapers of annual state agricultural exhibitions.)

RT Agricultural exhibition newspapers

RT County fair newspapers

States' rights newspapers [ngl084]

(Use for newspapers advocating the strict interpretation of the Constitution, by which all rights not specifically delegated to the federal government belong to the states.)

RT Secession newspapers

Street newspapers [ngl085]

UF Homeless newspapers

Strike newspapers [ngl086]

(Use for newspapers associated with labor strikes.)

RT Trade-union newspapers

Student newspapers [ngl087]

NT College student newspapers

NT High school student newspapers

RT School newspapers

Suburban newspapers

USE Community newspapers

Suffrage newspapers [ngl088]

Summer camp newspapers [ngl089]

Syndicalist newspapers [ngl090]

Tabloid newspapers [ngl091]

(Use for newspapers characterized by sensationalism, usually of a small size and presenting news in a concise form.)

Tax reform newspapers [ngl092]

(Use for newspapers advocating tax reform.)

Temperance newspapers [ngl093]

(Use for newspapers advocating abstinence from the use of alcohol or prohibition by law of the sale of or manufacture of alcohol.)

RT Prohibition newspapers

RT Anti-prohibition newspapers

Trade unionist newspapers

USE Trade-union newspapers

Trade-union newspapers [ngl094]

UF Union newspapers

UF Unionist newspapers

UF Trade unionist newspapers

BT Labor newspapers

RT Strike newspapers

Tribal newspapers [ngl105]

USE descriptors that identify tribal community or communities for whom the newspaper is published, e.g., Cheyenne newspapers, Lummi newspapers. Assign also the descriptor Native American newspapers.

Underground newspapers [ngl095]

(Use for newspapers published or produced by political or social radicals or nonconformists.)

UF Alternative newspapers

Unemployment newspapers [ngl096]

RT Labor newspapers

Union newspapers

USE Trade-union newspapers

Unionist newspapers

USE Trade-union newspapers

Utopian newspapers [ngl097]

(Use for newspapers associated with he expression of visionary or ideal schemes for the perfection of social or political conditions.)

Veterans' newspapers [ngl098]

UF War veterans' newspapers

War veterans' newspapers

USE Veterans' newspapers

Whig Party newspapers [ngl112]

Women's newspapers [ngl099]

(Use for newspapers whose intended audience is women.)

RT Feminist newspapers

Yakama newspapers [ngl119]

BT Native American newspapers