ScanPro 1000 Microform Scanner User Instructions

ScanPro 1000ScanPro 1000 Microcard, Microfilm, and Microfiche Scanners

To Begin:

  1. Power buttonTurn on the Microfilm ScanPro 1000 using the power switch on the back of the machine.
  2. If needed, ask a staff person for help loading your microcard, microfilm or microfiche.
  3. Open the scanner software using the Scanner software icon icon on the desktop.
  4. Film type icon Set the film type to match the microfilm, microfiche, or microcard that you will be scanning. The film type selections are positive, negative, or micro opaque.
  5. Locate an image to scan.
    • For microcard or microfiche, locate image using the fiche carrier handle.
    • For microfilm, use the motorized microfilm control within the scanner software.

Motorized Microfilm Control

Motorized film control
Click and drag the Film control slider button for low speed film movement.
Click and hold the Forward and Back buttons for fast speed film movement (speed doubles when the film carrier is pulled all the way forward).

To Scan:

The ScanPro 1000 is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get scanner/printer. When you have the image on the monitor screen (the total monitor image or a part of the image in the re sized CAPTURE WINDOW) that you want to scan, just click the appropriate export button (See the To Print, To Save, and To Email sections below). A high resolution scan takes about a second and includes all of our current settings.

The ScanPro 1000 uses graphic buttons to control the features of the scanner. Use the buttons to adjust the image before you export it.

Resolution, measured in dpi, affects image appearance. Images scanned at a higher resolution (dpi) captures more information making the image appear better, but also takes up more disk space for storage. It is suggested that scans be mae at 300dpi as a balance between image quality and file size.

Film type iconMore Graphic Buttons and descriptions of each...

To Print:

When the PRINT button is clicked, the print dialog box appears. Select Allen Library (Ground & Third) - 1 sided and follow the steps.

Cost? $0.10 per side to print 8.5" X 11" sheets using a Copy Quick Card and cash is $0.10.

To print 11" X 17" (price may vary):

  • Click the Printer button and select OUGL Copy Center - 1 sided
  • Properties > Paper/Quality > Advanced > Paper/Output > Paper Size: 11 X 17

To Save:

Cost: free

Save as PDF, TIFF, and JPEG file types. You can also save multipage PDF and TIFF files. See below for more information.

  • Images will be saved as PDF files unless you specify otherwise.
  • TIFF image files are large. Save as TIFFs if you plan to archive, preserve, or publish the image.
  • GIFF and JPEG image files are smaller images. Save as GIFF or JPEG images if you plan to put the image in a slide presentation or on a Web site. Note: Do not save as a JPEG 2000 image because it requires a special viewer.

Save Options:

Scan to usbClick to save images to a flash drive / memory stick. Enter a file name, select a save as type (pdf, tiff, jpeg), and click the save button.

Scan to cdClick to burn images to a CD or DVD.

  • For each image that you would like to burn, click this button. Enter a file name, select a save as type (pdf, tiff, jpeg), and click the save button.
  • When finished, click the "Shortcut to CD drive" icon on the desktop. You should see all of your files under the heading "Files ready to be written to CD".
  • Click File > Write these files to CD > and follow the steps in the CD Writing Wizard

Save to download folderClick to save images to the Download folder on the hard drive. Enter a file name, select a save as type (pdf, tiff, jpeg), and click the save button. Note: Images will be erased when the computer logs off. The computer logs off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Save multipage PDF and TIFF files.

To Email:

Cost: free


Send to emailEMAIL
Click the Email button, enter a file name, select a save as type (pdf, tiff, jpeg), and click the save button. An email message will appear. Fill out the email form and click the send button.


Use SSH Secure FTP to upload images to your Dante or Homer account.


  1. Go to Start > Programs > UWICK applications > SSH Secure FTP > Secure FTP Dante (for UW students) or
    Homer (for UW faculty and staff)
  2. Click Quick connect icon
  3. Enter the Host Name: (for UW students) or (for UW faculty and staff)
  4. Enter your User Name (your UW NetID) and click Connect
  5. Enter your password
  6. Locate your images on the computer. Select your images and drag them into the window on the left side of the FTP box.
    File transfer window
  7. To logout, click the Disconnect icon icon.

To Finish

  1. Remove the microfilm, microfiche, or microcard
  2. Close the scan software
  3. Turn off the computer monitor
  4. Turn off the Microfilm ScanPro 1000 machine