Known Issues and Bugs

A list of known issues and bugs with Libraries resources and systems.

    Google Scholar not showing UW Libraries links

    We expect Google Scholar to accurately show UW materials by Wednesday, July 20.

    Last updated: July 18, 2016
    Initially reported: July 5, 2016

    Connecting from Off-Campus

    Error message: "Couldn't decode pre-session cookie" Hitting Refresh will attempt to resubmit your request

    The Libraries off-campus proxy service sessions "expire" after a certain period of inactivity. If you encounter the above error message, try refreshing the page or restart your browser session (close and reopen) to reconnect to the resource.
    Reviewed: July 18, 2016



    Electronic Resources

    Problems connecting to Hoover's, especially from off-campus or through campus wi-fi

    If you are having trouble accessing Hoover’s (are being asked to log in), try a different web browser or restart your browser session (close and reopen).




    Proxy autodetect feature in the Zotero browser plug-in causes seemingly random prompts for UW NetID login

    If you are prompted for a UW NetID login when trying to visit websites you should have access to, chances are that the proxy auto-detect/redirect feature in the Zotero browser plugin is interfering with your browsing experience. To resolve this issue you will need to disable the proxy features in Zotero.  
    Reviewed: July 18, 2016


    Security Alert error dialog when accessing secure site (https:// URLs)

    When attempting to access secure sites via https:// URLs (e.g., MyUW, electronic reserves readings), the browser raises a Security Alert dialog box and complains that the site's "security certificate has expired or is not yet valid".

    Check the system date on the client workstation; an incorrect system date will often trigger this error message.

    Reviewed: July 18, 2016