Known Issues and Bugs

A list of known issues and bugs with Libraries resources and systems.

UW Libraries Search

Summit items displaying the message "Please request through Interlibrary Loan"

This message will appear on items that are not available for request through Summit. These items are likely only available for the institution they belong to or are unavailable for request due to library closure or construction. As the message states, you will want to request the item through Interlibrary Loan by filling out the form on their website.

Screenshot of ILL Request button

Reported January 19, 2023

Print Books Mislabeled as an Ebook

Sometimes the catalog will label an item as an ebook when it is only available in print. The way to tell which items are actually an ebook is to see if there is a View Online section in the full record of the item:

Screenshot of ebook record showing View Online section

If a Get it section appears, that means we only have a print copy:

Screenshot of print book record showing the Get It section

Reported: September 29, 2022

Related Works and Collections Links

Links that indicate access to online versions in the Related Works and Collections field are still being configured and currently do not work.

Reported: July 12, 2022

Request UW Volume/Part

In order to request the UW copy of an item, you may need to click on the Location in order to see the button to Request the UW Volume/Part.
(Do not request via Summit.)

Screenshot of Location request button in UW Libraries Search

Reported: June 17, 2022