Off-Campus Access Help and FAQ

What is required to use the off-campus proxy to access UW Restricted resources?

You must have cookies enabled to log in with your UW NetID. Also note that many of the Library's resources are not restricted, and can be accessed from anywhere.

What happened to the off-campus access button?

The Libraries website used to require you to login with a click to connect from off-campus button BEFORE accessing resources. We changed the links on our website so that they will prompt you to log in only when it is necessary.

I logged into the proxy successfully and was able to access some resources, but now I'm getting a login prompt (like the Proquest login page). Why did it stop working?

Once you have successfully logged into the proxy, use the browser "Forward" and "Back" buttons whenever possible, otherwise you may "fall out" of your session. If you are working successfully in the proxy, URLs will contain the domain name "". If you are not seeing "" in the URLs, please return to the resource via the Libraries website or enter the URL you want to proxy here:

I need to turn a proxied URL into the regular URL so I can cite it in my bibliography. How do I do that?

How do create a URL for my syllabus or reserves to force a user to log into the proxy?

To format a URL that will automatically require the user to log in to the proxy server, prepend to the actual URL. For example:

I'm having problems with my UW NetID - what should I do?

Ask us! Give us a brief description of the problem, including any error messages, and be sure to let us know your NetID (we don't need your password). The underlying issue may take a day or so to resolve, but in the meantime we'll help you get the materials you need to complete your research.

What do I do if the off-campus proxy works from home but not from my workplace, the FHRC, etc.?

Often businesses and medical agencies have special firewall software in place to protect their network and/or to exclude certain Internet locations (filtering). You should talk to your local administrator about gaining access. However, in these cases, the off-campus proxy access may not work.