Known Issues and Bugs

Connecting from Off-Campus (Proxy Server)

Error message: "Couldn't decode pre-session cookie" Hitting Refresh will attempt to resubmit your request
Proxy server sessions "expire" after a certain period of inactivity. If you receive the above error message, refreshing your browser's window will attempt to re-join your proxy session. In some cases this may fail. You will need to close your browser and re-start the proxy server or use our bookmarklet to jump back into the proxy server.
Reviewed: March 16, 2011

Electronic Resources

Problems connecting to Hoover's, especially from off-campus or through campus wi-fi
If you are having trouble accessing Hoover’s (are being asked to log in), try a different web browser or restart your browser session (close and reopen).


Proxy autodetect feature in the Zotero browser plug-in causes seemingly random prompts for UW NetID login
If you are prompted for a UW NetID login when trying to visit web sites you should have access to, chances are that the proxy auto-detect/redirect feature in the Zotero browser plugin is interfering with your browsing experience. To resolve this issue you will need to disable the proxy features in Zotero. A short tutorial on how to do this is available at
Updated: March 16, 2011
Security Alert error dialog when accessing secure site (https:// URLs)
When attempting to access secure sites via https:// URLs (e.g., MyUW, electronic reserves readings), the browser raises a Security Alert dialog box and complains that the site's "security certificate has expired or is not yet valid".
Check the system date on the client workstation; an incorrect system date will often trigger this error message.
Reviewed: March 16, 2011