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Reclaiming Venus


Reclaiming Venus: The Many Lives of Alvenia Bridges

Reclaiming Venus is a multimodal project that tells the extraordinary story of Alvenia Bridges through an ethnographic memoir and a story map walking tour.


Misinfo Day


How to Host Your Own MisinfoDay

A toolkit, created by the University of Washington Center for an Informed Public, for Colleges and Universities to host their own annual event to teach high school students, teachers, and librarians how to identify and combat online misinformation.

Jacob Lawrence Pressbook


Jacob Lawrence in Seattle

Students in ART H 400 worked alongside librarians from a variety of specialties to create a class book about the meaning of Lawrence's work in Seattle.

Project Key Concepts


English 131: Key Concepts in Contemporary America

Student project that explores and explains the social and historical contexts of particular concepts and why they still matter.

Project Bow Down to WA


Bow Down to Washington

Explore the history of the University of Washington's fight song "Bow Down to Washington" through the archives of the UW Music Library Special Collections.

LIS 598 course


LIS 598 Applied Digital Humanities

Student research result presentations from this graduate-level course that introduced concepts & methodologies for answering research questions, based on historical primary source documents.

Guide to FOIA


How to FOIA

A guide to filing Freedom of Information Act requests.

Digital World Wars


Digital World Wars

Example of successfully integrating digital tools into a course in order to understand the world WWI and WWII shaped.

Mill on the Floss


Mill on the Floss

A digital edition of the Mill on the Floss prepared by students in Jesse Oak Taylor's English 440/529 course, Spring 2020.

History Keepers Guidebook


We Are History Keepers Workshop Guidebook

Created by UW Libraries’ Special Collections, this digital book guides community members to organize and preserve documents, photos and recordings of the facts of their experiences to create concrete records of Northwest history.

Blast Mt St Helens project


Blast! Mount St. Helens 1980

Digital exhibit and timeline on the anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption produced by Libraries Special Collections.

Long Shadows of Seattle


Long Shadows of Seattle

Podcast exploring the stories of important people who made an impact on Seattle's history of racial justice and political activism.