Data Visualization
Whether you’re a beginner in learning data visualization or if you’re adding the final touches to your dashboard, we’re here to help.
Does your research have a geospatial component? Reach out to our GIS staff for help finding data, using GIS software, or developing a StoryMap.
Media Production
For projects and work involving all forms of media, staff at the Media Arcade are available to lend assistance. Audio, visual, imaging and all other forms of technical support are our speciality.
Metadata Support
The Open Scholarship Commons provides access to many platforms for creating and sharing digital collections and open scholarship, each with distinct requirements for resource description. Metadata support services help users of these platforms in creating resource descriptions that meet requirements and facilitate discovery and use of their work at UW and beyond.
Online Publishing Platforms
Want to share your work openly? Look here for workshops and tools to support sharing your work with wider publics.
Open Education and Open Pedagogy
Open Educational Resources (OER) are course materials that are free for students and that come with permissions allowing for remixing, revising and adapting. Open Pedagogy is the practice of engaging with students as creators of information rather than simply consumers of it.
Research Data Management
Get support for finding and accessing data, data management planning, data organization, reuse of data, data sharing and storage, data citation and more.
Research Impact
We’re here to discuss tools and strategies for tracking, documenting, and expanding your research impact.
Scholarly Publishing & Copyright
OSC staff can help you to understand your rights as an author and consider how to include materials for which you are not the copyright holder. If you wish to publish your work in a traditional scholarly journal, we can help you to review publishers and understand your publishing contract.
Text Mining
Are you looking for patterns in large sets of text or researching ways to make sense of textual data using sentiment analysis, topic modeling, or more? Whether you’re new to text mining or stuck with text mining questions, we’re here to help!
Thesis & Dissertation Publishing
Help with the publishing, copyright, and licensing implications of UW’s Electronic Thesis and Dissertation program