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Data Visualization

Whether you’re a beginner in learning data visualization or if you’re adding the final touches to your dashboard, we’re here to help.



What support is available for Data Visualization?

  • One on one consultations on:
    • Selecting a tool
    • Preparing data
    • Data visualization and dashboard design
    • Critical data visualization considerations
    • Accessible design
    • Other data visualization-related questions
    • **Does not include technical support for tools (such as Tableau)


  • Workshops may go over:
    • An introduction to data visualization tools
    • Accessible information visualizations
    • Ethical decision-making in data cleaning and preparation


Examples of Previous Workshops

Data Visualization: Theory to Practice

Join us to take data visualization instruction to the next level and start creating your own visualizations. This webinar will consist of an overview of data visualization, a discussion of ethical considerations to take when creating visualizations, and a demonstration (you can follow along!) of a free, in-browser data visualization tool that you can start using immediately.

Data Visualization and Equity

Data and data visualization are increasingly important methods of communication and decision-making. However, equitable practices are not often the priority in the collection, creation, and visualization of data. A critical approach to data practices can help with the adoption of ethical and equitable data practices. This talk will discuss those issues and approaches.





  • Tableau Public
    • Free
    • Data visualization tool that can build charts and dashboards


  • Microsoft Power BI
    • Free trial, though may be provided through Office 365 account
    • Data visualization tool that can build charts and dashboards


  • RAWGraphs
    • Open source
    • Build complex charts through a drag and drop interface in your browser -- no downloads necessary


  • And more. Please reach out if you would like help with choosing a tool