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UW Libraries Operations Updates

UW Bothell and UW Tacoma Libraries may have different operations updates.
Check campus library websites for the most accurate information.

Updated 1/14/21


Winter Quarter Hours

Please note: At this time, the Libraries plans to proceed with planned winter hours as noted below; however, these plans are subject to change pending the evolving public health status, new protocols and/or staff availability.

New, Expanded Evening and Weekend Hours for Suzzallo and Allen Libraries & Foster Business Library:

  • Mon-Thu 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Fri 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Sun 1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


  • Odegaard Library (Husky Card Required):  Still open until 10PM Sun-TH; Open until 6PM Friday and Saturday

Branch Libraries:

    Health and Safety

    UW Libraries is committed to keeping our spaces safe for our entire UW community. Everyone who visits the UW Libraries also plays a role in helping to keep UW Libraries safe (and open) by protecting each other. #ProtectYourPack!

    • Per UW health and safety protocols: stay home if you have any sign of illness.
    • Masks are required at all times inside UW Libraries.
      • Wearing appropriate, well-fitting masks is essential to mask efficacy (no gaps!) and helps keep our community safe. Review UW guidance on mask selection, fit and use.
      • UW Libraries personnel working in positions that interact with the public have access to available KN95 masks, provided by the Libraries.
      • 3-ply medical grade surgical masks are available for all staff and users at all public service desks.
      • UW Libraries highly encourages all employees and users to “level up your facemask” and to follow updated UW guidance.
    • No eating allowed in the Libraries. If you need to hydrate, do so quickly without completely removing your mask to minimize risk.
    • All service desks have alcohol wipes specifically for cleaning computer keyboards and hand sanitizer available to all, with additional hand sanitizing stations at entry/exit points.
    • See also Libraries ventilation and COVID safety best practices to meet or exceed COVID standards


      • Special Collections has a virtual reading room!  Learn more.
      • Odegaard and Health Sciences Libraries require a valid Husky Card for entry.
      • Media Arcade (formerly in Allen Library) is closed. Related services are available through the Open Scholarship Commons - Learn More.
      • No eating in the Libraries. Libraries are not designated eating locations at this time. Per UW Environmental Health and Safety, please follow new guidelines for eating in designated spaces on campus. See designated/open locations:
      • Group visits and tours: No group visits, tours, or orientations including K-12 visitors through winter quarter (March 20, 2022).

    Access for Graduating Students and Non-UW Affiliates (no current Husky Card)

      • Graduating students retain off-campus access to online library collections and databases using Husky OnNet or the off-campus proxy until the second consecutive quarter (excluding Summer) in which you are not enrolled.
      • Users with valid UW Libraries borrowing card/privileges: If you do not have a Husky Card, you can still request books from any UW Library with your UW NetID for pick-up at UW Libraries open to the public.

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