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Odegaard Library Tabling Policy and Procedures

For University of Washington departments and groups:

Odegaard Undergraduate Library welcomes tabling inquiries from University of Washington departments and groups about services that cater to the academic success, health, and wellbeing of undergraduate students at the UW. Examples of previous groups that have tabled in Odegaard include: Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Peer Health Educators, Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA), Student Legal Services, and UW Libraries. You may also use the tabling form to submit requests for donation boxes, music in the library, or other events that make use of general library space.

To be considered:

  • The primary purpose is to raise the awareness of services and resources that are available to all students, without additional fees, credits, or contracts.
  • Tabling must be informational and not intended for recruitment purposes.
  • Tabling must abide by the Libraries Code of Conduct, including no selling, soliciting, or fundraising.

    Resources for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs):

    • The HUB provides tabling space and supplies for RSOs. Additional info is here.
    • Information about resources for advertising RSO activities is here.


    • For more information, please contact Odegaard Library Administration at ougl@uw.edu.
    • You can also visit a service desk or ask us!