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Cooperative Preservation

Cooperative Preservation Efforts in the Pacific Northwest    carte

Current Projects

A collaborative disaster-response network, SHERN emerged from the Heritage Preservation Alliance for Response Forum (Seattle, June 2006) which brought together representatives of cultural heritage institutions, emergency managers, and first responders to explore new ways of working together and understanding and communicating priorities.

PRESERVENW is an unmoderated list open to anyone interested in furthering the preservation of archival, library, and museum collections in the Pacific Northwest.


Significant Past Initiatives

Provides disaster assistance and training to libraries, archives, historical societies and cultural institutions in the Western and Pacific states and territories.

A 2008-2009 grant project to create a model statewide plan for preserving Washington’s cultural heritage collections. Coordinated by the Washington State Library and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The Washington Preservation Initiative, a Federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)-funded initiative, assisted libraries of all types and sizes in preserving collections of materials with significant historical or cultural value thereby assuring long-term access to these collections. The Initiative funded preservation workshops that were free to Washington library staff members and a preservation grant program from October 2003 to September 2006.

Swimming Upstream: Cooperatively Preserving Collections in the Northwest, September 21, 2000, Seattle