Submission Guidelines

This information is intended to help you develop your application and improve your chances for success.

Reflective Essay

A critical piece of your application is a 500-1,000 word reflective essay describing your research strategies, and use of library tools and resources. The essay is one of the most important parts of your application! Please see the Essay Guidelines and Practical Tips from Award Reviewers.

This essay should provide the reviewers with information about your process, the way you approached your research, responded to challenges, redirected inquiry, as necessary.  Don't tell us that the Library is great and don't give us a laundry list of the databases you used.  Tell us what you know and have learned about the process of doing research and why you made the choices you did.

Finally, take a look at the evaluation rubric by which submissions are judged.


When preparing your bibliography keep in mind these points:

  • Format your bibliography using a style guide appropriate to your project's discipline. See our Citations and writing subject guide for guidance using APA, CBE, Chicago and MLA style guides.
  • Cite all sources you used, even if you did not directly quote from them.
  • For long bibliographies, subdividing your sources into categories may be helpful, although an alphabetical list is also acceptable.

Additional Help