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UW Libraries Support for Open Access

Latest update: February, 2013

Selected UW Libraries investments in Open Access:

  • Direct financial support for open access publishing:
    • Open Access Journals: the UW Libraries provides support for authors who publish their work in open access journals:
      • Springer science, medicine and technology open access journals:
        • BMC (BioMed Central): UW Libraries' membership in BMC provides UW faculty a 15% discount on article-processing charges.
        • SpringerOpen: UW Libraries' membership in SpringerOpen provides UW faculty a 15% discount on article-processing charges.
      • SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics): UW Libraries has signed on as a supporter of SCOAP3. When the SCOAP3 business model becomes reality, current subscription fees will be redirected to the consortium, which will pay centrally for the peer-review service. No author fees will be involved.
    • Royal Society of Chemisty: As a result of the UW Libraries subscription to the RSC Gold journals package, UW annually receives a number of vouchers which can be used to cover article publication charges (APCs) in RSC journals via RSC's "Gold for Gold" program.  Contact Susanne Redalje (curie@uw.edu) for more information or to obtain one of the vouchers.
    • Open Access Journal Hosting: using Open Journal System software, UW Libraries offers journal hosting services free of charge.
    • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. UW Libraries is a full member of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy International Association, which helps fund open access to the Encyclopedia.
  • Repository support:
    • ArXiv: UW Libraries has been a supporter of the Sustainability Initiative since 2010.
    • PubMed Central (PMC): In 2005, PMC was designated the repository for papers submitted in accordance with the NIH Public Access Policy. The UW Libraries provides UW faculty assistance in understanding the NIH Public Access Policy as well as other services for authors who must comply with this policy.
    • UW ResearchWorks repository service: ResearchWorks is the open access institutional repository hosted by the University of Washington Libraries:
      • UW faculty and student publications can be archived free of charge in ResearchWorks.
      • UW theses and dissertations:
        • Approximately 1,000 pre-2010 dissertations are open access with recently-acquired authors' persmission.
        • The UW Libraries has partnered with the UW Graduate School on the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) program, which will result in most theses/dissertations becoming available open access immediately or within 2 years, with no charge to the students.