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UW Libraries Support for Open Access

Latest update: February, 2013

Selected UW Libraries investments in Open Access:

  • Direct financial support for open access publishing:
    • Open Access Journals: the UW Libraries provides support for authors who publish their work in open access journals:
    • Royal Society of Chemisty: As a result of the UW Libraries subscription to the RSC Gold journals package, UW annually receives a number of vouchers which can be used to cover article publication charges (APCs) in RSC journals via RSC's "Gold for Gold" program.  Contact Susanne Redalje (curie@uw.edu) for more information or to obtain one of the vouchers.
    • Open Access Journal Hosting: UW Libraries offers journal hosting services free of charge.  Information is available for those interested in starting a new journal or migrating an existing journal to a new publishing platform and/or model.
    • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. UW Libraries is a full member of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy International Association, which helps fund open access to the Encyclopedia.
  • Repository support:
    • ArXiv: UW Libraries has been a supporter of the Sustainability Initiative since 2010.
    • PubMed Central (PMC): PMC is the designated public repository for peer-reviewed papers arising from NIH-funded research.  UW Libraries provides a guide to understanding and complying with the NIH Public Access Policy.
    • UW ResearchWorks repository service: ResearchWorks is the open access institutional repository hosted by the University of Washington Libraries:
      • UW faculty and student publications can be archived free of charge in ResearchWorks.
      • UW theses and dissertations:
        • The UW Libraries has partnered with the UW Graduate School on the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) program, which will result in most theses/dissertations becoming available open access immediately or within 2 years, with no charge to the students.
        • Approximately 1000 pre-2010 dissertations have also been made openly accessible with the authors' permission.