ResearchWorks Archive is the University of Washington’s digital repository (also known as “institutional repository”) for disseminating scholarly work. ResearchWorks Archive can accept any digital file format or content (examples include numerical datasets, photographs and diagrams, working papers, technical reports, pre-prints and post-prints of published articles). However, materials must contain sufficient metadata, very large files require individual consultations, and copyright restrictions may apply. No special software is needed to submit materials.

In addition, the repository software creates persistent URLs that will not change over time. If a DOI or ARK is required, we can provide that via the university subscription to DataCite. The Libraries encourages contributions from all communities across the three campuses.

How do I get started?

First-time depositors should:

1. Check the list of existing ResearchWorks Communities to determine whether any of them are appropriate for your work.

2. Either contact the ResearchWorks team to be assigned permissions to self-deposit, or fill out a mediated deposit form.

Who may deposit their scholarly materials into the Archive?

Faculty, researchers and students of the University of Washington may deposit materials. Student materials that are acceptable for the archive include honors theses, dissertations and theses produced as part of a graduate program and other high quality research activities. Researchers may place their works in the Archive provided they have secured permission from the rights-holder.

How is ResearchWorks at the University of Washington organized?

The repository is organized into Communities (colleges, schools, research centers, or other groups). Sub-communities for departments can be established in the college or school community and Collections, such as e-Prints can be set up within sub-communities.

Colleges, Schools, Departments and Research Centers can easily present their work to prospective students, faculty, granting institutions, as well as colleagues and other interested individuals around the world resulting in higher visibility for your work. In addition, each College, School, Department and Research Center primary page can be enhanced with text, logos, and links to departmental websites.

ResearchWorks Policies

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