Appeal of Library Charges FAQ

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Can I appeal items from multiple units?
Yes. With the online system you may fill out one appeal form for items and media from multiple UW library locations.

Can I get e-mail confirmation?
Yes, you will get a confirmation e-mail once you submit your appeal if you provide an e-mail address on the appeal form. The final decision, however, will arrive via US mail at the address you provide.

How do I submit evidence?
You can submit additional evidence to Library Account Services office either by mail, fax, or in person. Library Account Services is located on the first floor of Suzzallo Library adjacent to the Circulation Desk. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are closed on weekends and UW holidays. Our FAX# is (206) 685-6972. The address to Library Account Services is:

Library Account Services
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900

What are the chances that my appeal will go through?
Appeals based on not knowing the library rules or the amount of charges, claiming your need was greater than another’s, being too busy, being out of town, uncertainty about the due date, failing to receive a notice, or failing to read your e-mail are generally not regarded as valid reasons for canceling or reducing library charges.

Each appeal will be considered on an individual basis and your appeal statement will be used to determine an appropriate adjudication.

Can I appeal without filling out this form?

Can I appeal on behalf of someone else?
Can someone else appeal on my behalf? Appeals must be received from the owner of the library account in question.

In case of extenuating circumstances, please contact Library Account Services office with the details of your situation.

How will I find out about the decision?
You will receive a letter from Library Account Services department via US Mail at the address you provide.

What happens if I don’t like the result of my appeal?
You have 21 days from the date of your decision letter to ask for an administrative review of your appeal. Details on how to file an administrative review will be in your adjudication letter.

Who makes the decision?
The Library Fines Appeals Committee consists of a faculty member and students and makes its decision independently of the Libraries.

What if the book is found while it is on appeal?
If the book is found and returned while it is on appeal the replacement charges for the item will be deducted from the total amount of the appeal. If you have no further charges, the appeal will be cancelled.

Will I be refunded if I pay the charges now?
Yes. If you have already paid your charges at the time of adjudication, you will be refunded whatever portion dictated by the Library Fines Appeals Committee.

What if it was library error?
If you believe your charges are the result of an obvious library error, contact the unit that you believe made the error and speak with a staff member there about the issue. They may be able to resolve the situation without an appeal.

What if I turned in my item(s) and the library lost it?
If you believe that you have returned your item, contact the owning library to request they search for the item(s).

Will my holds be released?
You will not be held responsible for the charges contained in your appeal until they have been adjudicated. If you appeal in full the Library holds on your record will be released. Any charges accrued after the appeal is submitted are subject to collection and would require payment or a separate appeal.

How long do I have to appeal?
Appeals must be filed within six months of billing.

How long will this process take?
Appeals are adjudicated once per quarter. It will generally take 1 to 3 months for you to receive the committee’s decision.

What do I do while I am waiting?
You may want to set aside money for the charges during the time that they are under appeal. This will make it easier for you later if the Committee decides to uphold the charges. You should also continue to keep an eye on your library account to make sure that no new charges accrue.

What if my appeal falls under more than one of the general reasons for appeal
If all the items in your appeal are part of the same incident, choose the best answer from the drop down menu of general reasons and give a complete, detailed explanation of your appeal.

In cases where the items in question accrued charges under completely separate circumstances, you may consider filing multiple appeals.

What is my UW ID?
Your UW ID is your university issued identification number. Student ID numbers will be a 7 digit number typically beginning with the year you began school at UW. Employee ID numbers will be a 9 digit number beginning with the number 8. These numbers will normally appear on the front of your husky card. If you do not have a UW ID, leave this field blank.

I don’t have a barcode. What should I put in that field?
Not all Library cards have barcodes. If you do not have a 14-digit barcode listed on the back of your library card leave this field blank.

I don’t know the barcodes or invoice numbers of the items I’m appealing. What should I do?
Reference any bills you were sent and your online library account. Put as much information as you can. We will do our best to ensure your appeal covers exactly what you want it to. If we have any questions, we will contact you using the contact information you provide.

How can I tell which Library owns the item?
See your online library account. Click on the title of the item you are unsure of and look at the “location” field to determine the item’s owning library.

How do I select Multiple Libraries for a location?
Hold down the Ctrl key while you click the units you need to choose.