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Petersen Room, Allen Library: Room Rental & Use Policy

Effective July 1, 2023: Budget Numbers and PCA codes will no longer be accepted. Must provide Cost Centers and Worktag information. Current reservations to be notified monthly.



The Donald E. Petersen Room is a conference room available for rent for official UW use only.

It is available to the University community, per fees below, chargeable to a Cost Center and Worktag.

  • The Petersen Room is not equipped for interactive online/hybrid meetings (unless you bring your own technology).
  • See photos at bottom of webpage.


Allen Library North, 4th Floor, Room 485

Suzzallo and Allen Library, 4000 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98195


    • Autumn, Winter, Spring Quarters:
      • Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
      • Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    • Summer Quarter & Interim:
      • Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
    • At no time shall rental functions occur past 6:00 pm (Monday through Thursday) or 5:00pm (Friday) during the regular school quarter.
    • Not available for weekends and holidays.

      Reservations are required:

      • To check room availability, see the Petersen Room Calendar.
        • Note: System limitations only allow for viewing reservations a year in advance.
      • To request a reservation, fill out our Online Form.
        • Users will receive confirmation of reservation after the reservation request form has been reviewed by Libraries Facilities.
      • Filming & Media:
      • Contact Libraries Facilities at 206-543-2009 or libbldgs@uw.edu if you have rental or reservation questions.
      Rental Rates

      Standard rental fee is $75 an hour plus an hour on top for facilities set-up and teardown.

      All outside media filming & production room rentals are charged at $100 per hour, per room.

      Cost Center and Worktag information required as payment.

      • Fees levied in half hour increments, with a 2-hour minimum charge, which includes a half hour on each side for Libraries Facilities room set-up and reset time.
        • Additional fees charged for additional hours, your event setup and break down time, events over 8 hours, and any damages and overages.
        • Caterers and/or rental agents must return promptly to clear room at end of event. Your rental time should be included with this rental.
      • Overtime Fees
        • Reservations that run beyond the contracted hours for staff and facility use will be billed at twice the regular hourly rate ($150 or $200 media fee) for the additional time used with a minimum charge of one (1) hour.
      • Requests to cancel your event must be submitted in writing to libbldgs@uw.edu.
      • Accepted up to 24 hours prior to the event without charge. Failure to notify Libraries Facilities will result in rental fee (100%) being charged.


      • Conference: Up to 50 attendees.*
      • Lecture: Up to 70 attendees.*
      • Reception: Up to 100 attendees.*
      • No live music is permitted.
      *Varies according to set-up. See below for standard layout photos.
        • Large conference table with 20 leather chairs.
        • 2 square side tables along walls.
        • 2 sofas.
        • 2 free-standing catering tables.
        • Provided by request:
          • 5 additional tables.
          • 50 additional chairs.
          • 5 cocktail tables.
        • Small Kitchenette.
        • Coat Rack.
        • Easels (3)
        • Wireless access via campus network
          • Provided by request:
            • Telephone with Polycoms.
            • Podium with built-in microphone.
              • Speaker attached with AUX cable available.
              • One (1) wireless microphone located inside podium. (Shure SC4 receiver)
            • Projection screen and stand (6 ft wide).
              • Projector not provided, screen and stand only
          • Rice(uncooked), confetti, birdseed, glitter, silly string, or any other article that creates debris is prohibited.
          • No smoking.
          • No live music (instruments).
          • No Barbecue cooking or propane tanks (chafing dish fuel cans permitted for food warming).
          • Affixing anything to the books, walls, ceiling, lights, doors, columns, or windows is not allowed.
          • Tape of any kind (including painters’ tape) is not allowed to be used on walls or furniture.
          • Area outside of the Petersen Room may not be used as a gathering or reception space. Welcome table permitted.
          • Couches not to be moved.
          • Large round conference table (next to window) & rock display cannot be moved.
          • No admissions fees can be accepted.
          • Selling books? Must go through UW Bookstore.

          The Suzzallo/Allen Library has ADA access to and throughout the building. For specific disability accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Office to make arrangements and coordinate efforts with Libraries Facilities Staff.

          Use Policy

              • Catering
                • Please review the Covid-19 prevention guidance on eating spaces and food prior to arrival. Users are responsible for catering arrangements.
                • Users are responsible for catering arrangements.
                • Linens and other appropriate protection are required to prevent heat and water damage to tables.
                • Rental charges run until the room is cleared and locked.'
              • Events open to the public
                • If your reservation is accepted and confirmed, and your event is open to the public (any non-UW), users must obtain UUF Sponsorship.
              • Alcohol*
                • Banquet permits are required to serve alcohol and must be posted on the premises during your event.
                • UUF & ASR Forms required to serve alcohol. See the Alcohol Permit Options from the Office of Special Programs.
                • Service is allowed during your rented event hours and must be consumed within your contracted time.
                • All alcohol must be consumed within your rented rooms, it is not allowed in the hallways or anywhere else inside the library.
              • Equipment
                • Users must arrange for delivery, set-up, and retrieval of projector or any additional media equipment rented. Equipment must be removed promptly after the event.
                • No live music permitted.
                • Hand Sanitizer available in all entrances of the building and outside reservation doors.
              • Responsibility
                • Individuals reserving the room must schedule, plan and expedite all permits, reservations, audiovisual equipment rentals, catering services, and room preparation and restoration needs.
                • The cost of repairs to room, furniture, flooring, or equipment damaged during an event are the responsibility of the sponsoring department and will be charged to the provided budget number.
                • Ensure you have taken Steps to prepare for a safe and healthy event through EH&S Campus Event Safety Guidance.


                  Petersen Room Photos:

                  • Please note: the two 6ft wooden tables in the center have been replaced with two 6ft folding tables.

                  Conference Setup

                  View of the conference table in the Donald E. Petersen Room, located on the 4th floor of the Allen Library, looking N towards round window.Petersen Room Photo 4

                  Lecture Setup

                  View of the Donald E. Petersen Room, located on the 4th floor of the Allen Library, looking NE towards round window and conference table.Petersen Lecture 2

                  Reception Setup

                  View of the Donald E. Petersen Room, located on the 4th floor of the Allen Library, looking  SW towards the fireplace.Petersen Reception 1


                  Petersen Kitchen 1Petersen Kitchen 2

                  Podium (speaker & mic attached, one (1) wireless mic inside)



                  Projection Screen (6 ft. wide)



                  Revised: 10/13/2023