Bainbridge Island

In 1942 Bainbridge Island, just across Puget Sound from Seattle, was home to approximately 250 Japanese farmers and fisherfolk. On March 24, Lt. General DeWitt, the West Coast commander U.S. Army, issued Civilian Exclusion Order No. 1, ordering the evacuation of all Japanese Americans on the island. This first evacuation became a model for the evacuation of all Japanese Americans from the West Coast.

The Bainbridge Islanders, both aliens and non-aliens (i.e., citizens), were given six days to register, pack, sell or somehow rent their homes, farms and equipment. On Monday, March 30 at 11:00 a.m. these Japanese Americans, under armed guard, were put on the ferry Keholoken to Seattle where they boarded a train to Manzanar in central California. They were not to return to Bainbridge Island for more than four years.