Camp: Physical Layout

Physical Layout

The Puyallup Assembly Center was located in a small rural community about 25 miles south of Seattle famous for its farms and daffodils. The assembly center was built on the grounds and surrounding acres of the Western Washington State Fair so in addition to the stables, racetrack and outbuildings there was a rollercoaster.

Within a month the fairgrounds were transformed into a camp large enough to house more than 7,000 inmates. Barracks filled every available space -- parking lots, beneath the grandstand, within the circle of the racetrack.

The camp was divided into four distinct and separate areas complete with living quarters, mess halls and other facilities:

  • A - the first living quarters area to open. Approximate population: 2,000.
  • B - approximate population: 1,200.
  • C - the smallest area of the camp. Approximate population: 800
  • D - Area D included the racetrack, administrative offices, and bachelor's barracks. Approximate population: 3,000.

Movement between camps was restricted, passes were required to go from area to area. It was not until June 22nd that large scale (from between 17 and 50 per day depending on area) movements between areas was permitted on a rotating schedule.